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This is one of my favorite pages because it brings together advice from travel bloggers all over the world! Each of the blog posts below is a collection of specific, travel-related tips created for Voyaging Herbivore by travel bloggers that we’ve connected with via the internet, shared interests, and a general love of adventure.

  • 20 Apps for Travelling You NEED to Download in 2021
    If you’re anything like me, you probably have far too many apps (whether or not they’re apps for travelling) on your phone.  Travelling only increases the desire to download app after app, whether for in-flight entertainment or to get directions offline. But how many travel blogging apps do you actually need? We asked travel bloggers
  • 19 BEST Staycations in the UK to Book Today
    Ready to feel like you’re headed to the Mediterranean for a beach holiday? Or maybe a cozy cottage nestled in snow covered mountains? Wherever you want your adventures to take you, the United Kingdom can meet your requirements! We asked travel blogs to recommend the BEST staycations in the UK. Keep reading to discover an
  • 15 Incredible Food Markets In Europe You NEED To Visit
    Fresh olives, local artisans, sipping a drink as you browse. Does it get better than that? We asked 15 travel bloggers to recommend the most INCREDIBLE food markets in Europe that they’ve ever been to. Keep reading to discover what they said! St. George’s Market Location: Belfast, Ireland Address: 12-20 East Bridge Street, Belfast BT1
  • 13 Spectacular Eco Hotels You Need to Visit
    Sip tea in the jungle tree tops or lounge on a beach outside of Los Angeles. Sleep in a hammock with no wallks What could be better? Doing it sustainably at an eco lodge or eco hotel! We asked 13 travel bloggers to recommend their favorite eco lodges. Keep reading to discover what they said!
  • Eco Travel: 16 Expert Tips And Free Checklist
    According to Carbon Brief, tourism is responsible for 8 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. The Guardian tells us that a trip from London to Rome (flying) has a carbon footprint of 234kg of CO2 per passenger which is more than is produced by citizens of 17 countries every year! This lack of eco friendly
  • 10 Amazing Gardens | USA Botanical Edition
    Cacti stretching in the heat, wind ruffling exotic grasses, peacocks strutting across paths. No, you haven’t stumbled into Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland, but welcome to some of the most amazing gardens in the United States. Keep reading to discover, in no particular order, an amazing garden near you or a few to add to
  • 22 Most Bucketlist-Worthy Bookstores in the World
    Book lover, coffee addict, or photographer, the best bookstores in the world have something for everyone. We asked travel bloggers to recommend their favorite bookstores around the world and from outdoor markets, to three-story shops, to Alice in Wonderland reminiscent adventures they recommended some amazing finds. Keep reading to discover 22 of the top bookstores
  • Women’s Vegan Shoes Every Traveler NEEDS to Know About
    Wherever your next adventure takes you, good shoes are a must. Not only will they appear in your photos, but they also need to keep your feet a well-regulated temperature and protect them so you can explore all day long, no matter the terrain. We asked travel bloggers to recommend the cute and comfortable travel
  • 35 Beautiful Sunrises to See in Your Lifetime
    Warm grapefruit hues begin to light up the sky, reflecting on water and windows. Rays of light break through clouds as one of the most beautiful sunrises that you’ve ever seen begins to peek over the horizon. We asked travel bloggers to recommend their must-see sunrise spots. Keep reading to discover 35 sunrises you need
  • 18 Best Travel Books to Read This Year
    Travel coffee table books, guidebooks, and novels! If you consider yourself a traveler or desire to be one, your shelves are probably already full of some of the best travel books marked with places on your bucket list. But why not add a few more to your collection? There’s nothing quite as inspiring as seeing