Voyaging herbivore

5 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Travel Lovers

GRAYL FIlter  water bottle

The Grayl lets you drink water from sources that you normally wouldn’t due to safety concerns. If you or a loved one is heading somewhere without constant access to clean water, or even someone who enjoys hiking, this is one of the perfect sustainable gift ideas.

Kindle ereader

For the nomadic book worm, the Kindle is a best friend. Kindles are great space savers especially if you need every inch of your backpack for other travel gear. There’s plenty of choices from the fancy expensive kindles to the cheap and cheerful ones.

veer camera bag

Wandrd’s Veer Packable Backpack is a great option for those who are traveling light. This bag can actually be scrunched up it can be stored when necessary but when inflated provides back support and additional camera protection. You just need to deflate it when you wish to pack the bag away.

Tinggly experience

“Give stories, not stuff.” Tinggly is a brilliant brand that works with different experience providers around the world. Here’s how it works: – Choose a gift box (Experience Gifts for Solo or Couples or Getaway Gifts) – Tinggly delivers the gift box/e-voucher that explains how the recipient uses the gift (pictured below) – The recipient chooses their experience (no expiry date!)

Portable wheat cutlery

Single-use plastics. Gross. If you hate getting single-use plastic forks when you’re out and about, then these wheat-based utensils will really come in handy. They’re transportable, cheap and most importantly, sustainable. The kit even comes with a handy little box to keep them clean.

Voyaging herbivore

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