10 Easy Lake District Walks

Tarn Hows Circular

The Tarn Hows loop is one of the easiest but probably most beautiful walks in the Lake District. The peaceful area is filled with incredible views for very little effort and with so many trees and little peninsulas, it’s easy to find a quiet spot to take a wild swim or have a picnic.

Tom Gill Waterfall Circular

Tom Gill Location: Connects with Tarn Hows to the west Tom Gill Distance: 1.6 km (0.99 miles) Tom Gill Elevation: 104 m (341 ft) Time to Walk Tom Gill: 45 min (but account for longer if you’ll want to stop for pictures)

Stock Ghyll Force Waterfall

With 70 feet of cascading water, Stock Ghyll Force is probably the tallest waterfall in the lakes that you can access for the least effort. You don’t actually need to walk up to the top as about halfway up are several viewing platforms that give the best view.


Rydal Cave

An easy walk with a great view, but you don't want to make the same mistake that we did. Check out the full vlog to learn more.

Grasmere Lake Circular

Grasmere Lake Circular Location: Grasmere Grasmere Lake Circular Distance: 5.6 km (3.7 miles) Grasmere Lake Circular Elevation: 770 ft Time to Walk Grasmere Lake Circular: About 2 hours


10 Easy Lake District Walks

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