Top 10 Free 

Travel apps


Rick Steves Audio Europe

Rick Steves has some great free tours on his app. There are a variety of different tours for cities all over Europe, from city walking tours to historical podcasts and much more.

Available for iOS and Android



FLUSH –  the easiest way to find a public bathroom or restroom. It’s a free app, no in-app purchases are required and it has almost 200 thousand toilets available. You can search within the app without an internet connection.

Available for iOS and Android



Hopper is a fantastic app to find affordable flights if you don’t mind traveling without checked luggage. It can be hit or miss, but to give you an idea of how great prices can be, we once found a roundtrip flight from London to Chicago for $200 per person.

Available for iOS and Android


Polar Steps

Set your departure date and it immediately starts to map out your travels. Log in at any time to add a “stop” or upload images and add comments to each destination. At the end of your trip, you can send away for a photobook to be published containing all of your maps and details.

Available for iOS and Android



abillion Referral code: VoyagingHerbivore Similar to Happy Cow, billion (previously abillionveg) is an app that lets you explore and review vegan dishes and products. The major difference and the absolute best part about abillion is that every review counts towards a donation to an animal rights organization.

Available for iOS and Android


The Dyrt

The Dyrt camping app launched in 2018 and is currently the fastest-growing camping app out there. It makes use of user-generated reviews and photos to help people find campsites while traveling in the United States. You can use The Dyrt to search and share campsites to plan your next trip, and as of 2019, you can even book selected sites from within The Dyrt camping app.

Available for iOS and Android



Tripit is a fantastic way to keep track of all your travels in one place. It’s super easy to use and helps make our life easier every day. Once you’ve paid for part of your travel (E.G. hotel stay or flights etc) you just have to email the confirmation email to Tripit then assign it to the specific trip you are planning. Tripit will then make a clear day by day plan of your travels from start to finish. It will even point out if you are missing a flight between locations.

Available for iOS and Android

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