You won’t see puffins on the mainland during the autumn and winter months, as they like to migrate to sea. If you’d like to do some seabird spotting, you’ll need to do so in the warmer months!

When To See Puffins

Where To See Puffins

Puffins Off the Mainland: The Isle of Lunga, St. Kilda or The Shetland Islands are some of the best islands to see puffins Puffins On the Scottish Mainland: East Lothian, which is also home to the famous Bass Rock

How To See Puffins

The best way to see puffins is to take a guided tour to Staffa from Iona! During this tour, you'll explore the famous Fingal’s Cave and Clamshell Cave, which are two areas known for their large colonies of puffins in the summertime.

Puffins in Scotland: The Complete Guide