How to start a successful Travel blog

Voyaging Herbivore


Finding Your Niche

Loving travel is great, but it’s way too general. Many of the most successful bloggers are successful because they have narrowed down their niche. Narrowing down into a niche might feel constraining at first, but it’s vital because it helps define your audience. It also means that later down the line, you can work with brands that align with your values and give them an audience that wants to buy from them.


Create Your Persona 

Having a persona helps you understand who you're writing for besides yourself. Take some time to write down everything about your persona including: - Struggles - Activities - Favorite Brands - Income - Habits


Claim your name and start your site

You need a Wordpress site. Click the "Complete the Task" text to learn why. Bigscoots is a great hosting platform that's affordable, has amazing customer service, and great site speed. You can find a discount code and directions in the full guide (click the "Complete the Task" button for more details. 


Choose a website Theme

Your website theme should be dependent on the goal of your website. If you want traffic, an e-commerce optimized theme isn't the right choice.  Great places to find themes include: -Envato -aThemes -Station Seven


Site Speed & SEO

One of the best ways to speed up your website it to compress your images. Shortpixel is a great and affordable way to do this. SEO, search engine optimization, is crucial to getting your posts to rank in Google's search results. Click "Learn More" to grab a discount code for Keysearch, the best tool for the job.


Check out the full guide and get the free worksheet

Head to the link below to get the full guide and step by step instructions to creating, monetizing, and succeeding as a travel blogger!