Sustainable Camera Gear: For the environmentally continuous photographers

See what we use and how you could benefit from an upgrade! 

First things first:  It's not all about new

Amazon offers a wide range of brand new camera's, however, they also often sell the same equipment but just previously used. We use the Nikon D750 as it's a great all round camera. 

It Takes All Sorts

It's highly likely you'll need lots of different equipment so you can face any photography opportunity with you best foot forward. Adorama is another great site to get used and affordable camera gear.

It Helps to Come Prepared

An essential piece of blogger equipment is your camera bag. It goes everywhere with you, from shoots and planes and keeps your computer safe. Wandrd have some of the best and longest lasting bags on the market! We use the Prvke bag everywhere we go.

Always Come Strapped

The Peak Design Wrist and Body Straps are an absolute wonder team. They are on the expensive side for camera straps but considering the value of the camera they are holding, the price is more than worth it. You can buy these directly or again through Amazon where you may be able to fund a used one.

Sometimes Only A Drone Will Do

Drones are amazing and are do allow you to create incredibly unique and beautiful photo and video content. We chose the DJI Mavic Air because it's small enough to easily fit in any camera bag. Again where possible try to buy used as you'll save a buck or tow!

See Our Full Post To What We Use

We are  budget conscious bloggers who try to only purchase sustainable equipment for our travels and photography. Check out our post to see what equipment you need.