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Have a great story to share? We’d love to feature a post by YOU! Look no further for travel blogs that accept guest posts and submit your travel blog guests posts today.

We pride ourselves on offering guides on ethical, sustainable, and plant-based travel and lifestyle. The guides should provide useful information for the reader while also telling a compelling story.

General Requirements

Length. Posts should be 1000 to 2500 words.

Back links. The number of back links that you receive will be proportionate to the amount of content that you write.

  • 1000 Words – 1 Backlinks
  • 1500 Words – 2 Backlinks
  • 2000 Words – 3 Backlinks
  • 2500 Words – 4 Backlinks

Photos. Please include photos in your submission that are ideally web optimized. If you’re using a program where you can export specific sizes, please make the long edge of the photo no more than 2048 pixels with a maximum of 72 ppi.

Please include the number of photos listed below based on word count. If you would like to provide portrait/vertical images instead of horizontal, please provide 2 for each horizontal image being replaced. Your author photo is in addition to all of the other photos you provide and should always be portrait.

Example. If you’re writing 1000 words, you could provide two horizontal images, 2 portrait, and one portrait author photo.

  • 1000 Words – 3 horizontal images
  • 1500 Words – 4 Horizontal Images
  • 2000 Words – 5 Horizontal Images

You can also add your photos into the Google Doc if you have specific placements that you would like me to add. Please make sure to change the title of your images with an accurate description before uploading them.

Keyword. If you have a tool for keyword research like Keysearch or Ahrefs, please use this to target a keyword to be used throughout. If you do not, I will target a keyword for you to use throughout the article. Please see “Process” section below for more about keyword usage.

Headers. Please write your post with headers in Google Docs or a Word Document. You should have one H1 which will be the title and it should include your keyword. Then, use H2 and lower headers to break up your post into chunks.

Author Bio. Your bio should be no more than two short sentences and be sure to include a photo of yourself!


The content for your travel blog guest posts should be a non-competing to what is on Voyaging Herbivore. Please take a minute to check before submitting your ideas.

At this time, we are only looking for content that is supplemental to locations that we’ve already written about.

This should be new content never posted anywhere else. I will use a plagiarism checker and if it is plagiarised I will not post it nor will I email you to ask for a rewrite.

Use Capitalize My Title for all of your headers and Grammarly for the full article. If it is riddled with errors or poorly written you will be asked to rewrite it.

Please feature only vegan products and food.

  • No leather
  • Only promote restaurants with vegan options and all vegan restaurants are even better
  • No honey or other animal products
  • No unethical animal encounters (if you are in a position to touch wild animals or ride any animals, we’re considering this unethical)


Please reach out to with three pitch ideas based off of the content already on Voyaging Herbivore. Include the word pineapple somewhere in your email so we know that you read everything! We’ll get back to you and work with you to determine a topic.

Once we have a topic, we’ll research a keyword for you to use. Please make sure to include this keyword in these spots:

  • Scattered throughout the post
  • In the intro
  • Within the conclusion
  • In the title
  • In the header

Write and submit your travel blog guest posts via a form that I send you. There will be a section for you to put a link to your article. Please write your article on Google Docs and use the appropriate header tags and your backlinks so that I can copy and paste it into WordPress without messing up your formatting.

We will do our best to publish the post within two weeks of receiving it. When the post is live I will send you an email and it will be left on the site for at least a year.


Please note that we may add in-text links to our own posts, add affiliate links, edit for clarity, and for SEO as well as any additional changes that we see fit. I might not use your images and instead might use my own or other stock photos.

We also reserve the right to ask you to make any changes or to rewrite your post (although we doubt that this will happen!).

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions!

Ready to Get Started and Submit Travel Blog Guest Posts Today?

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If you’re ready to pitch a guest post, send us an email at with the subject “Guest Post Pitch”.

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