Travel Tips

  • 20 Apps for Travelling You NEED to Download in 2021
    If you’re anything like me, you probably have far too many apps (whether or not they’re apps for travelling) on your phone.  Travelling only increases the desire to download app after app, whether for in-flight entertainment or to get directions offline. But how many travel blogging apps do you actually need? We asked travel bloggers
  • 12 Eco-Friendly Travel Products You Need to Invest In
    If you’re here, I bet that you’re itching to travel! Whether you’re planning a major international trip or a local adventure, these eco-friendly travel products are great additions that you won’t regret adding to your suitcase. Let’s dive in! 1. Reusable-Collapsible Containers I know what you’re thinking: “Containers, really? I don’t have space for that.
  • 9 PERFECT Sustainable Gift Ideas For Travel Lovers
    Birthday gifts. Holiday season gifts. Friendly gifts. Apology gifts. I love you gifts. Going on an adventure gifts. Whatever the occasion, we’ve created a gift guide of the 9 best sustainable gift ideas to give the travel lover in your life, or maybe just to treat yourself instead! Sustainability Tip: Purchase used items or electronic
  • The ULTIMATE DIY Travel Hygiene Kit to Make Today
    Traveling can be the best time of your life but the extra germs and lack of clean underwear can make it quite stressful. And if you’re anything like me (aka won’t walk anywhere barefoot), you’ll want to keep reading to learn how to make a personal hygiene kit. In this post, we’ll go over some
  • 8 Travel Essentials for Women You NEED to Have
    Unless you’re flying first class, long haul flights leave something to be desired in terms of comfort, so in order to arrive at your destination feeling somewhat refreshed, there are some specific carry on essentials that I highly recommend. These items are all vegan and cruelty free to our knowledge in order to further and
  • 18 Best Travel Books to Read This Year
    Travel coffee table books, guidebooks, and novels! If you consider yourself a traveler or desire to be one, your shelves are probably already full of some of the best travel books marked with places on your bucket list. But why not add a few more to your collection? There’s nothing quite as inspiring as seeing
  • 7 Money-Saving Tips for Travelers
    If you follow the news, you may have seen that the massive travel organization, Thomas Cook liquidized. This over 150,000 travelers stranded around the world who now have to purchase new tickets. That’s no way to save money for travel. The year before the same thing happened with Wow Air, and surely these two airlines
  • The Complete List of Photography Equipment for Beginners
    There’s so many guides out there for camera bags, travel bags, camera bodies, lenses, and travel accessories – you get the idea. This guide is specifically built for those of you who are just beginning to develop a passion for photography and travel and are looking to invest in some equipment. Looking for something else?