Scotland is one of our favorite countries in the world. It seems to be so unexplored by the majority of tourists, and yet all of the lochs could easily rival beaches in Bali.

Language in Scotland: English
Currency in Scotland: Pound
Best Payment Method in Scotland: Card, cash, contactless
Transport in Scotland: Car
Phone Plan for Scotland: Voxi for data (affiliate) around Europe and UK

  • Wild Swimming in Scotland: Everything You Need to Know + 10 Best Hotspots
    The dreamy scenery of Scotland draws nature lovers in droves every year to take advantage of the abundant offerings of beautiful locations. During the summer months, wild swimming is one of the many appeals of the country’s more rural spots – and for good reason! We look into wild swimming in Scotland and everything you … Read more
  • From Edinburgh: How to Ride the Harry Potter Train
    Anyone in love with steam train rides and romantic landscapes must go on an Edinburgh Harry Potter train ride while visiting the city. This incredible experience is not reserved only for Harry Potter fans, everyone can enjoy beautiful scenery through the Highlands while having the unique experience of a ride on a Jacobite steam train. … Read more
  • Christmas in Edinburgh – Top 10 Things to Do in December
    Spending Christmas in Edinburgh is a wonderful idea. This cosy city with its historical buildings, beautiful architecture, and world-class hotels is just a perfect place for your next Christmas destination. Edinburgh Christmas market is full of wonderful treats, souvenirs, and hot drinks to keep you warm on cold winter days. Edinburgh in December is wonderfully … Read more
  • 12 Best Bothies in Scotland (With Map!)
    If you’re a native or an expat living in Scotland, chances are you’ll already be more than familiar with the subject of bothies, but for those not (fully) in the know, let us acquaint you with this quintessential part of Scottish culture. Bothies can be an absolute godsend for campers and hikers in Scotland by … Read more
  • The Highland Midge: What Are They and How to Avoid Them
    Ahh, the Highlands…. Legendary landscapes, moody mountains, misty meadows, fantastical folklore, and… er, midges?! Yup, unfortunately nothing is perfect, and the Highlands are notoriously rife with the little winged nuisance otherwise known as the Highland midge. And while they’re annoying (and do indeed bite), they’re completely harmless. However, they can still put an itchy damper … Read more
  • What to Pack for Scotland by Season
    If you are travelling to Scotland for the first time, you may want to consider saving this Scotland packing list, which will combine everything you may need for your trip to this beautiful country. As a foreigner that is not familiar with the weather, it is wise to educate yourself on what exactly can you … Read more
  • Exploring Fife Coastal Path: The Complete Guide
    When it comes to incredible coastal scenery, few places come close to the beauty that Fife, Scotland, provides. In particular, the Fife Coastal Path. The Fife Coastal Path (FCP) is loved by many natives and visitors alike, owing to its epic scenery, fresh sea air, and its relative ease (as walking trails go). The trail … Read more
  • What to Wear in Scotland: Clothing Itinerary Ideas for Your Scottish Trip
    When prepping to visit another country, it’s always wise to do your homework about what’s expected of you in terms of clothing. This can be in regards to culture/religion, as well as the weather. Scotland doesn’t uphold any religion or modesty-based clothing expectations, so there’s no issue there. However, it is known for its cool … Read more
  • Hot Air Balloon Scotland: 4 Places to Catch a Ride
    If you are in love with Scotland’s landscape then you might be already thinking about seeing it from a different perspective. Catch a ride on a hot air balloon in Scotland, for a quiet and exciting adventure that offers some of the best views of the country. Air balloon flight is one of the items … Read more
  • Loch Drunkie: Camping, Walks, & More
    When it comes to exploring the wonderful country of Scotland, it can be challenging to decide where to go first – and whether you can cram everything you want to do into one trip! Scotland is particularly appealing to nature lovers, hikers, campers, and anyone else who can’t get enough of the great outdoors. And … Read more
  • Scotland Driving: What You Need To Know
    Driving in another country can be a disconcerting concept, and non-natives should absolutely do a bit of buffing up on the rules and regs before climbing behind the wheel. Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries to explore by car, but nothing will put a damper on your trip like a driving etiquette faux … Read more
  • Everything You Need to Know About Bungee Jumping in Scotland
    Bungee jumping is among those extreme sports that most people can try. There are no significant restrictions, it is affordable, widely available, and very safe. You can release a ton of energy and stress with just one jump, and go out of your comfort zone for a moment. That is why many people are interested … Read more
  • Hebrides of Scotland: 9 Day Itinerary
    The Hebridean Islands are both enchanting and joyful, should you get the chance to visit, you will be sure to come to an agreement with that statement. Read More: Scotland Regions – Everything You Need to Know When Travelling to Scotland Located on the remote yet majestic western archipelago of Scotland, these islands are an … Read more
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    A trip to Edinburgh can turn into an ideal romantic getaway with the right planning. From charming hotels to amazing trips to the countryside, couples can relax and show their love. Edinburgh’s romantic restaurants will give you a break from a whole day of exploring, and with a candlelight dinner, you will summarize your amazing … Read more
  • Abbotsford Scotland: A Visitor’s Guide
    If you love historical buildings, romantic rolling hills, and stunning scenery, Scotland is the place to be. While the more touristy parts of the country, such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, the Highlands, and the Hebridean Islands, are, of course, beautiful and well worth a visit, some of the lesser-known locations are absolute hidden gems. One such … Read more
  • Best Places To Visit In Scotland For Couples: A Guide
    Scotland is more than just Irn Bru, whisky, and lake-dwelling monsters – it’s a romantic hotspot for couples! Whether it’s your first time to the country as a couple, or you’re back for more Scottish shenanigans, there’s so much to do for loved-up duos. We’ve put together the ultimate guide of the best places to … Read more
  • Scotland Regions – Everything You Need to Know When Travelling to Scotland
    If you haven’t been to Scotland before you may not know what fantastic landscapes Scotland has, and what varieties of natural features and magical cities you can visit. Scotland’s regions differ in many things, and learning about them will give you an excellent idea of which you should visit first. These magnificent landscapes create 15 … Read more
  • Edinburgh Hogmanay: What You Need to Know
    One of the most quintessential parts of Scottish culture is undoubtedly Hogmanay. It’s also one of the biggest celebrations in Scotland to sign off the end of the year with a bang (and welcome in a new and prosperous coming year).  Essentially the Scottish version of New Year’s Eve, Hogmanay often involves celebrations that continue … Read more
  • 8 Best Ghost Tours in Edinburgh: A Complete Guide
    Given that Edinburgh is considered one of the most haunted cities in the world, it’s perhaps no surprise that there are many ghost tours and excursions to enjoy when in town. Whether or not you’re a paranormal enthusiast, or even just a believer – Edinburgh haunted tours are a great way to get into the … Read more
  • How To Spend 72 Hours in Edinburgh in 2023
    Edinburgh is one of the most enchanting cities to visit for anyone with even a morsel of wanderlust. Not only does it have a vast, colourful, and sometimes sordid history, it is also rife with wonderful things to do – whatever your hobbies.  Lovers of art, culture, and architecture are well provided for, folks who … Read more
  • The Top 8 Edinburgh Museums to Check Out in 2023
    Edinburgh is one city where there is never any shortage of fun or interesting things to do.  Whether you’re just stopping by for a day or two, or indulging in a week-long city break, you’re spoiled for choice as to what to see and do (not to mention, where to eat and drink!) It’s no … Read more
  • The Pyramid in Scotland: A 2023 Guide
    While Egypt may be the undisputed graceland of (almost) all things pyramid-related, there are a few other locations in the world that boast their very own claim to pyramid fame, and Scotland is one of them. And unlike the infamous pyramids of Giza, the Scottish pyramid (known locally as the Secret Scottish Pyramid), is quite … Read more
  • 10 Best Caravan Parks in Scotland
    Caravan parks in Scotland offer something for everyone, including adults and children, regardless of your preferred mode of transportation. Although it is simple to discover a vacation park that offers touring and camping amenities, many guests pick vacation parks for their static options, such as opulent lodges or cosy caravans.  A vacation park will typically … Read more
  • 7 Best Harry Potter Tours in Edinburgh
    Many cities around the world have inspired literary masterpieces, but no other place is so scenic and charming like Edinburgh which has inspired J. K. Rowling to write Harry Potter. If you love Harry Potter and want to see the world in which he was created, going on a Harry Potter tour in Edinburgh is … Read more
  • The 7 Best Harry Potter Tours in Scotland To Add To Your Bucket List in 2023
    Most Potter fans will have indulged in the Harry Potter Studios tour in London at least once, but any true Potterhead will want to head to the magical motherland to treat themselves to a Harry Potter tour in Scotland. However, there’s quite a few to choose from, so we’ve narrowed down our top 7 favourite … Read more
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    Bagpipes, haggis, kilts, and gorgeous Highland views. What else comes to mind when you think of Scotland? If this is your first time exploring the magical country, you’re in the right place! This 10 day road trip itinerary (with options to extend) is the perfect way to get to know Scotland’s major towns and sites, … Read more
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    If you’re anything like us, you love whimsical, wondrous places to stay that offer a little more enchantment than the average Premier Inn or Travelodge.  If you’re thinking of stopping by Scotland, and are looking for quirky hotels in Edinburgh – we’ve got your back!  Whether it’s somewhere romantic, vampyric, or like something out of … Read more
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    We all know that there is no better relaxation with your friends than visiting beer gardens in Edinburgh. Even if you are just a visitor to the city this should be your sign to head over to the nearest one of Edinburgh pubs with beer gardens and have a pint of a delicious beer. Read … Read more
  • Blackness Castle: History (and Outlander Facts) Explained
    Blackness Castle, one of Scotland’s most magnificent fortresses, was constructed in the 15th century by the Crichtons, one of Scotland’s most illustrious families. In recent years, the Blackness Castle Outlander’s filming location has become more recognizable by the general public because of its stunning scenery. From filming settings for Ivanhoe and Hamlet to Scottish landmarks, … Read more
  • South Queensferry & the Three Bridges: Visitor’s Guide
    If quaint villages, beautiful countryside, and delicious artisan eateries are high on your list of vacation priorities, South Queensferry is the ideal holiday spot for you. Read More: Abbotsford Scotland: A Visitor’s Guide South Queensferry (known by the locals as ‘The Ferry’) is a seaside town in Scotland that can be found ten miles north-west … Read more
  • A Guide to Visiting Iona Island in Scotland in 2023
    Scotland is a particularly magical country for those who love adventure, architecture, mythology, geology, history, nature, and, er, whisky! If you’re visiting Scotland for the first time, you will be spoiled for choice as to where to go – namely, where to visit first! For those who have perhaps toured the stunning cities of Edinburgh … Read more
  • The Devil’s Pulpit Scotland: Directions & Warnings
    Scotland is a magical country that offers plenty to see and do, whether you’re a city person, or you prefer something a little more off the beaten track. For those who love the more rural aspects of Scotland, there is so much more than just Loch Ness waiting to be explored. And the great news … Read more
  • Wildlife on Mull – 12 Animals You Can See on Your Trip to the Isle of Mull
    Fantastic Scottish landscapes as well as incredible wildlife on Mull are the reason why nature lovers storm the Isle of Mull every year. Even with many visitors it still feels remote and unknown, and staying in small cottages or local hotels will keep you close to local culture and nature. Read More: 7 Best Isle … Read more
  • Lennox Castle Hospital: Scotland’s Shameful Secret
    Hidden in the forest still stands Lennox Castle Hospital. It was horribly damaged by fire, which adds to the dramatic look of this infamous place. If you like exploring places not many people have seen, then visit to Lennox Castle ruins is a trip you must take. Lennox Castle was abandoned more than 20 years … Read more
  • 8 Things to Do on the Isle of Mull in 2023
    Scotland is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to stunning scenery, mysterious mythology, and exciting excursions. Whether you are opting for a Highlands adventure, exclusively city-bound, or dabbling in a bit of both, there’s plenty to do. So much to do, in fact, that you won’t know where to begin! However, if … Read more
  • 7 Best Isle of Mull Cottages For Your Next Holiday
    If you are looking for an authentic Scottish holiday, Isle of Mull cottages might be exactly what you are looking for. Right after Skye, the second-largest Inner Hebridean island is the Isle of Mull. Strange rock formations, caves full of legends, and lovely sandy beaches border its shoreline.  When you explore the inland, you will … Read more
  • Why You Need to Visit the Isle of Staffa ASAP
    The incredible country of Scotland has more to offer lovers of adventure than we could possibly cram into one article.  But for those looking to forsake the typical city stays in the likes of Edinburgh or Glasgow, and instead would like to explore the stunning Scottish islands, we aim to pique your interest more than … Read more
  • 5 Fingal’s Cave Tours You for EPIC Landscapes
    Scotland is the holy land of hidden treasures, and is full of beautiful scenery, iconic wildlife, and rich and fanciful mythology. Whether you’re a native, or just a wandering soul stopping by this incredible country, there are multiple buckle list pitstops you can make – and more often than not, most of them are off … Read more
  • Top 8 Vegan Restaurants in Inverness to Visit
    Being a travelling vegan can sometimes be a challenge. While it can be tempting to rock up at any destination of our choice and throw caution to the wind in favour of fully harnessing the boho way of life, it is wise to do a bit of research first – especially if you follow a … Read more
  • 10 Walks in the Pentlands You Can Try This Weekend
    The Pentland Hills is the ideal location for having a picnic, strolling, or hiking if you want to get away from the city and reconnect with nature. Walks in the Pentlands provide breathtaking views of Edinburgh and South Queensferry. Read More: Edinburgh to North Berwick: A Day Trip with Puffins & Castles You can get … Read more
  • 31 SCRUMPTIOUS Vegan Restaurants in Edinburgh
    You might not expect a city with only 537,000 people (2020) to have some of the best vegan scenes in the world. Say hello to Edinburgh! The incredible capital of Scotland is home to an endless number of vegan restaurants, so keep reading to discover the best vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in Edinburgh and beyond!c … Read more
  • Edinburgh to North Berwick: A Day Trip with Puffins & Castles
    If you’re looking for a city break and want to experience Scotland’s incredible wildlife, nature, and castles, then look no further than North Berwick. Often underrated, North Berwick is only a quick commuter train ride from Edinburgh and has so much to offer. Read on for everything you need to know for a day trip … Read more
  • 10 Best Destinations for Romantic Couples Breaks in Scotland
    Discovering a few of Scotland’s most romantic locations for your next romantic getaway is a great idea to surprise your partner with. Long beaches, chic city centres, and turreted castles may be found all over this magnificent country making your couples break in Scotland particularly special.If you visit Scotland you will be enjoying intriguing sights … Read more
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    It would be a sin to visit the enchanting city of Edinburgh without stopping for a nip of Scotch whisky to warm the cockles on a cold Scottish day! In fact, why not go one step further and indulge in a whisky experience?! Whether you want to stay city-bound, or head somewhere a little more … Read more
  • 12 Things to do in Edinburgh in December [Holiday Vibes!]
    If you’re thinking of traveling to Edinburgh in December, you’ll definitely have plenty to do!Edinburgh is a great winter, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve destination. December weather in Edinburgh can be chilly, ranging from 1 to 7 degrees Celsius, so make sure you pack layers of clothing, mittens, and a hat. You should also be … Read more
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    Scotland has something for everyone, so if you’re browsing Scotland gift experiences for a loved one – it won’t take long before you find something that perfectly suits their tastes. Whether your loved one is a thrill-seeker with a particular love of the outdoors, or they enjoy nothing more than some pampering during a glamorous … Read more
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    Few cities in the world are more beautiful and idyllic for celebrating love (and anything else, for that matter) than that of the glamorous and culture-rife city of Edinburgh. If you’re planning a charming and lovey-dovey getaway with your special someone in this fabulous Scottish city, and are scouring the web for romantic hotels in … Read more
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    Most travellers who want to visit Edinburgh don’t consider this city a romantic escape at first. It is a city of medieval history, magnificent castles, and distinctive pubs with world-famous whiskey and craft beers. But for adventurous couples date ideas Edinburgh offers are more exciting than regular romantic nights you can get anywhere else. Read … Read more
  • 8 CRAZIEST Edinburgh Mini Golf Courses
    Nothing brings out my competitive side like mini golf and if you’re reading this, I imagine that you’re the same. Mini golf is family-friendly, has a broad appeal, and is loved by players of all skill levels and ages. Compared to kart racing, paintball games, or arcades, a mini golf course is simple and inexpensive … Read more
  • 10 FANTASTIC Escape Rooms in Edinburgh [with Map!]
    If you like excitement or dream of being a detective, visiting an escape room might be the best possible activity for you and your friends. When you participate in the game you get to bond with your squad, and learn how to work together when the only way out of the room is to escape.  … Read more
  • 10 Dreamy Scotland Romantic Getaways for Couples
    Scotland is a country of ultimate romantic experiences, from stunning landscapes to cosy evenings inside the cottages while the wind is strong outside, there is something for everyone’s taste. You can explore Scottish nature and history together, enjoy gastronomy, visit the spa, and have a fantastic romantic break Scotland offers. A Scotland romantic getaway is … Read more
  • 6 Cosiest Coffee Shops in Edinburgh
    Whether you’re looking for a quick caffeinated pick-me-up, or a long, lazy sit-down afternoon tea – Edinburgh has your back! In Edinburgh, coffee is a big part of the community spirit – so if corporate coffee chains aren’t your thing, and instead, you favour indie, artisan coffee houses that are brimming with their own unique, … Read more
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    Most of us love nothing more than taking our furry friends on holiday with us, and with the rise of dog-friendly accommodation – particularly in touristy areas, such as Edinburgh – we can take our pick from an ample selection of pet-friendly hotels and B&Bs. So, if there’s a trip to Scotland’s most beloved city … Read more
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    If you like a unique cocktail and a bit of effort to find it – Edinburgh’s speakeasy scene will not disappoint. With secret bars masquerading as fortune tellers, hairdressers, or detective agencies, Edinburgh is home to plenty of incredible hidden places to grab a unique cocktail! Pubs, student bars, and upscale cocktail bars may all … Read more
  • 9 FANTASTIC Edinburgh Cafes (That You Can Also Work In)
    There is no shortage of fantastic Edinburgh cafes, but sometimes it’s nice to find coffee shops that you can sit in for several hours with your laptop and really get some work done. I’ve scoured Edinburgh and worked in many a coffee shop to find the best working cafes! Keep reading to learn more. Best … Read more
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    Scotland is more than just mysterious monsters and a nod to Harry Potter – in fact, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. There’s no doubt about it, wee bonnie Scotland stands apart from its British counterparts in terms of brimming with more culture and heritage than we know where to begin with. So, if … Read more
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    When you finish exploring the city for the day it is best to find places to drink in Edinburgh and share your impressions of the day with your travel companions. If you search for the most fantastic cocktail bars Edinburgh has a bunch of them. See our list below for the most popular locations you … Read more
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    It’s a common misconception that Edinburgh is a whisky world, but in reality, it is also a gin haven! In fact, Edinburgh is considered the gin capital of the world and is home to several notable and prominent gin distilleries.  And it’s no secret – gin is no longer an old lady’s drink! On the … Read more
  • Puffins in Scotland: Where, When & How to See Them
    One of Scotland’s many appeals is that it is a well-known hotspot for the ‘clowns of the sea’, otherwise known as Atlantic puffins. These cute little birds generally hang about in the summer months (although technically, they can be spotted any time between March and early September). Known for their vibrantly colourful beaks and bright … Read more
  • 10 INCREDIBLE Plant Shops in Edinburgh
    If you want to keep your home fresh during the winter months and bring the rainforest to you, visit your favourite Edinburgh plant shop. Not only do indoor plants improve a room’s appearance, but they can also improve mental health, increase creativity, lower stress levels, and remove air pollutants, all of which contribute to a … Read more
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    Edinburgh is like an uncut gem of the country, with historical streets, museums, eateries, and so much outdoors that you can spend months here and still have something to surprise you on your next walk.  However, not everyone has weeks and months to spend exploring, and for those choosing Edinburgh as their destination in Scotland … Read more
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    The Scottish Highlands boasts some of the most spectacular views in the world, as well as being home to the legendary Loch Ness monster. The best part is, if you’re looking to take in the sights of the historical city of Edinburgh, as well as taking a quick tour of the Scottish countryside, but are … Read more
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    So you’re headed to the Isle of Skye – one of Scotland’s most popular places to visit outside of Edinburgh! The Isle of Skye is a beautiful place but it can be a little intimidating for vegans. So the question remains – can you find vegan food on the Isle of Skye? Yes – keep … Read more
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    As the UK’s second most visited city, you may think that a visit to this city is expensive. This cultural hub of Scotland is home to wonderful galleries and museums, but also attractions, festivals, and parks. Many of these attractions are free to enter, and they also provide free daily guided tours. Explore amazing free … Read more
  • The BEST 5 Day Scotland Tours From Edinburgh
    Some places are just too vast and beautiful to cram all it has to offer in one day, and bonnie Scotland is no exception! So what better way to take in the mesmerizing sights of the scenic highlands than a multiday tour from Edinburgh? Whether you want to explore mountains, beaches, historical castles, vast lochs, … Read more
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    Visiting Edinburgh is a wonderful experience for all history lovers, and if museums are your thing you should put on your itinerary these amazing free museums Edinburgh has to offer. Edinburgh attractions are numerous, and there are several awesome and affordable tours you can take to get familiar with the city, and then go explore … Read more
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    If you know someone with a soft spot for the rich and wonderful culture of bonnie Scotland, and would like to treat them to a gift (or gifts) that you know they’ll absolutely love, straight from the highlands themselves – stay tuned! Whether it’s a personalized gift, gift voucher, gift experience, or just generic Scottish … Read more
  • The Ultimate Guide to Edinburgh Christmas Markets
    The festive season in Edinburgh is world-renowned and this year it will last from the 19th of November to the 3rd of January. There are numerous events and festivities you can enjoy in the city with the highlights being Edinburgh Christmas markets and Edinburgh’s Hogmanay. In December, there are many activities to do in Edinburgh, … Read more
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    If you’re looking to treat a loved one (or yourself!) to an unusual gift experience in Edinburgh – one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the world – you’ve come to the right place! Whatever your budget or a particular idea of a fantastic city break experience is, we guarantee we’ve got something … Read more
  • 10 Edinburgh Markets You CAN’T Miss
    A visit to Edinburgh without a visit to Edinburgh markets would not be complete. To experience the city to its fullest and be part of the locals’ life, you have to stop by a few markets, try the food and get some souvenirs or presents. In the evening, enjoy live music entertainment, local beer, and … Read more
  • Isle of May Boat Trip: Read This BEFORE Seeing the Puffins
    Just a short train ride from Edinburgh is one of Scotland’s most incredible and easily accessible nature reserves: the Isle of May. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about taking an Isle of May boat trip and how to see incredible puffins! @voyagingherbivore Daytrips from #Edinburgh are the BEST! There really are … Read more
  • Colinton Tunnel: Everything There’s to Know Before You Go
    They say there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, but when the tunnel in question is the Colinton Tunnel in Scotland, there’s not only light but also a splash of bright colors everywhere. Located in southwest Edinburgh, this artsy tunnel is close to the Water of Leith Walkway and is free and open … Read more
  • 11 Edinburgh Parks You Can NOT Miss
    When visiting the city, especially for longer trips, you should know where the hidden gems are. Green areas like these beautiful Edinburgh parks will be your hideout from the city noise, you can walk your dog, stroll, jog, or picnic in these parks alone or with your loved ones! Some of them, like Holyrood Park, … Read more
  • Cramond Island: The ULTIMATE Guide to Visiting
    Cramond Island is one of Edinburgh’s more hidden gems that boasts historical ruins, views to remember, and a day of filling your lungs with fresh sea air.  Cramond Island is a landmass that visitors can reach without the need of a ferry. And no, we’re not recommending you take a dip in the icy Scottish … Read more
  • Top 10 Splurge-Worthy 5 Star Hotels in Edinburgh
    If you have decided to treat yourself to a holiday in a beautiful 5-star hotels Edinburgh is a great destination for that. With its rich history and gorgeous photo opportunities on every corner, time spent in this city will fly by so fast! Read More: 10 Dreamy Scotland Romantic Getaways for Couples 1.  Market Street … Read more
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    The historical Scottish city of Edinburgh is known for its culture, beautiful architecture, the Fringe Festival, and of course – the castle. But did you know it’s also a hotspot for literary lovers? Edinburgh is known for being one of the top European cities boasting some of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. So … Read more
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    Edinburgh is a city blessed with the best of both worlds. It is the perfect mix of classic architecture with a contemporary lifestyle. It also has some of the best bars in the world with breathtaking views that are perfect for a night out, date night, or a wild celebration. If you want to soak … Read more
  • Duddingston: Edinburgh’s Hidden Loch & Village
    Located just around the bend behind Arthur’s Seat, is a small village, loch, and gardens, unknown to many Edinburgh tourists and locals alike. Keep reading to discover the history, what to do, and how to find Edinburgh’s hidden village, loch, and gardens. @voyagingherbivore Have you ever heard of #Duddingston ? This little hidden village lies at … Read more
  • 10 FANTASTIC Edinburgh Walking Tours
    A city like Edinburgh can be seen in a few days, but its welcoming vibe and ever-changing restaurant and activity scene will make you want to spend more time there! One of the best ways to explore the city and learn more about the history and culture is through Edinburgh walking tours. The best way … Read more
  • 21 Unusual Things To Do in Edinburgh, Scotland
    For such a small city, Edinburgh has no shortage of incredible attractions – including activities that are free, affordable, or on occasion, worth the splurge! Keep reading to discover the best things to do in Edinburgh for every budget. Get a Skyline View of Edinburgh at the National Museum of Scotland Price:  FreeAccessibility: Accessible via elevator … Read more
  • Van Gogh Alive Review: Is the Immersive Experience Worth £22?
    Did someone say modern art? Edinburgh’s Van Gogh Alive immersive experience is giving an art gallery a new meaning with a sensory experience. Keep reading for our full Van Gogh Alive review to discover if it’s worth visiting this Edinburgh attraction. Van Gogh Alive vs Van Gogh the Immersive Experience On a rainy day in … Read more
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    Cocktails that look like works of art, dry ice galore, and marked vegan wines – what’s not to love about Edinburgh’s newest Indian restaurant and cocktail bar? Keep reading for a full review of Tantra in Edinburgh to see if it’s worth the buzz! Looking For Something Else? What is Tantra? Googling “What is Tantra” … Read more
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    Edinburgh is a silent competitor to many popular European destinations, but over the past few years, the UK is getting more of the recognition that it deserves. Edinburgh is one of the UK’s most incredible cities and along with London, it has so much to explore, eat, and see. But history is not the only … Read more
  • 13 EPIC Edinburgh Photography Spots You NEED to See
    A city with history, character, and beauty, all easily walkable and with so many amazing activities. Welcome to Edinburgh, Scotland! I honestly don’t know how Scotland isn’t the new Bali. Granted, the beaches aren’t really meant for lounging on the sun, but the mountains are unparalleled beauties. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons I love … Read more
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    Arthur’s Seat, the Royal Mile, and Calton Hill, just to name a few of the incredible sites in Edinburgh, Scotland. If you’re headed to this incredible city, you’ll need an equally impressive place to stay. Keep reading to discover where to stay in Edinburgh to be close to major attractions, restaurants, and shopping at an … Read more
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