Welcome to Voyaging Herbivore

Your Complete Guide to Ethical, Sustainable, Plant-Based Travel

We’re Jack and Alysa, two plant-based twenty-somethings who decided to quit the 9-5 and see the world. You’ve definitely heard that story before, but we’re not focusing on seeing as many countries as possible within the next year or so. Instead, we’re actively trying to travel as sustainably as possible, through a record of our carbon emissions, a vegan lifestyle, and eco-friendly experiences. This means we’re seeing the world slowly! We run out our visas in each country so we can really experience it to the fullest instead of just traveling for Instagram photos blog posts. We try and learn the culture through homestays, local (vegan) food, and getting around the country by public transport. We’ve invested a lot in this. From drones to lenses and most of our bank accounts, we’re prepared to see how far around the world we can get! Won’t you join us on our journey?