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Your Complete Guide to Ethical, Sustainable, Plant-Based Travel in Scotland and Abroad

Hi there! My name is Alysa and I’m an American who fell in love with an Englishman and we now live in Edinburgh, Scotland. Although we love traveling abroad, we love Edinburgh just as much and want to share just how incredible the ever-changing city is. On Voyaging Herbivore, you’ll find resources for everything in and around Edinburgh with a focus on veganism and sustainability. We also love a day trip and integrating travel into our 9 to 5 workweeks so rest assured that even if you’re not a full-time content creator nomad (we aren’t either!) there’s still plenty to find and explore. Whether you’re headed to Scotland for a day or a year, via train, plane, or van, I’m sure that our site can help you find the resources you need for the most amazing city. I hope that you’ll join me as Jack and I discover all that Scotland the UK has to offer!