Our Story

Hey there! We’re Jack and Alysa. We met online through an app called Hinge in February 2018 while Alysa was studying abroad in London for a semester. We joked about Alysa converting me (Jack) to veganism when we first started talking but little did I know Alysa would actually be successful!

After a few amazing months together and a few trips around London and the UK, we really didn’t want to say goodbye but the end of Alysa’s semester was approaching. So we decided to give long distance a try.

We planned on ending the long distance part of our relationship in June of 2020 when we would take a one-way flight to Indonesia to travel Asia. Unfortunately Covid-19 caused a few delays and we’re currently in the UK waiting out the virus.

Now we’re planning our journey around the world – all the while trying to be environmentally friendly (trains over planes, reusable everything) and of course, finding the best vegan eats along the way.

We’ll be participating in WWOOF, Work Away, and house sitting programs to try and keep a tight budget – with an Airbnb every now and then to spoil ourselves.

Jack’s Story

I’ve finally finished with my 9-5 office work which means I’m free to properly start exploring with Alysa. I’ve worked all manner of jobs to save every penny I can for our upcoming adventures. Often I’m behind the camera, however, you’ll get to see my best side more often now are Youtube channel has regular content being added.

Also, I’m the resident drone pilot but Alysa put some real hours in during her recent trip to Vermont.

Alysa’s Story

I’m currently a college student finishing up my last year. I started this site a few years ago before I went to China. Since then I’ve been working on growing the site and the Instagram but as Jack and I prepare for the biggest adventure of our lives it’s become crunch time!

I’ve been a lifelong vegetarian and a vegan since I was 16. It’s become a huge part of my life and I want to be able to share how many amazing vegan options there are all over the world.

Whether you’re vegan for the environment, the animals, or your health – or maybe you’re veg curious – we’re glad you’re here!

Our Travels

We’re both incredibly fortunate to have had so many opportunities to travel with our families during our first 20 years. Here you can see all the places we’ve been individually and together and as we plan our future travels you’ll be able to see where we’re headed! Click on the arrow to the left of our travels for more details.

Our Favorite Airbnb Stays

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