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  • 22 Apps for Travelling You NEED to Download in 2021
    If you’re anything like me, you probably have far too many apps (whether or not they’re apps for travelling) on your phone.  Travelling only increases the desire to download app after app, whether for in-flight entertainment or to get directions offline. But how many travel blogging apps do you actually need? We asked travel bloggers
  • Lost Creator Academy Review: Worth the Price Tag?
    The price tag is high, but is the value of Lost Creator Academy worth the $800, especially if you’re not a Youtuber or are completely new to photography and videography? I won’t lie, $800 covers more than my rent and bills for a month, so it was not a decision that I made lightly! I
  • 29 Epic Black Friday Deals for Bloggers in 2020
    Calling all bloggers and travel addicts! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here and we’ve gathered some amazing Black Friday deals for bloggers.  If you’re looking to get serious about blogging, now is the time to invest in yourself! Keep reading to discover these deals. Website & Tech Black Friday Deals Before you go off
  • How to Get a Free Domain and Cheap Hosting
    Update: I now recommend using the hosting site BigScoots which has amazing customer service and very affordable shared SSD hosting. This post is on the list of things to update, but I wanted to make it clear that my recommendations have changed. Try out BigScoots for a month and get 20% off of a BigScoots month with the code D9LK83CPOC95 they’ll even transfer
  • Ultimate Guide to Getting Serious About Travel Blogging
    Something as small as brainstorming travel blog names and securing your own domain name can be the biggest step towards your future. There’s no time like the present. Now is the time to learn how to start a blog and to get serious about travel blogging! By the end of this guide, you’ll learn how
  • 7 Money-Saving Tips for Travelers
    If you follow the news, you may have seen that the massive travel organization, Thomas Cook liquidized. This over 150,000 travelers stranded around the world who now have to purchase new tickets. That’s no way to save money for travel. The year before the same thing happened with Wow Air, and surely these two airlines
  • Our Hendrick’s Gin, London, Laundromat Adventure
    Now this journey of delight was an unexpected but most welcomed surprise. From delicious food, to spontaneous free gin and to finish it all of; a vegan donut. This night truly was one for the books and not one Alysa or I will be forgetting soon. Please join us as I recap the events of
  • Affordable Photography Gear for Travel Bloggers
    GoPro, DSLR, mirrorless, action cam, camera bag, tripod, drone? Do you really need all of these for travel photography? There are hundreds if not thousands of brands and tech options to choose from, and it’s often incredibly overwhelming! Whether you’re off on your next photography adventure or you’re a traveler looking to add some great