22 Black Owned Businesses to Support Today

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22 Black Owned Businesses to Support Today (and Forever)

The world is growing. In the most painful, bone crushing way, we are growing.

Although we, as white people of privilege, will never understand the pain, trials, and the difficultly that people of color and black people endure, we can take a stand and use this site to share some incredible black owned businesses that also offer many vegan products.

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, there have been a lot of quotes about change, but one that really stands out is this:

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. Albert Einstein

We must work to change our thinking about the ways we shop, supporting independent buisinesses owned by minorities instead of businesses that support systematic racism.

We’ve gathered 22 black owned businesses that you can support today and should continue supporting forever! We’ll be doing our part by referring to this list when we need to buy things and continuing to add businesses to the list as we find it.

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Love Vera

Love Vera is a particularly amazing black-owned lingerie brand because they use all black everything. With every purchase you’re helping support and create opportunities for black women in fashion.

  • Black models
  • Black photographers
  • Black videographers
  • Black makeup brands and artists
  • Black marketing
  • Black owned

Not only do they create incredible opportunities for black women, they also represent all types of bodies!

Shop Love Vera

Camille Rose Naturals

What you put on your body should be good enough to put in your body.

Camille Rose is a hair and skincare brand that run by Janell. The company started because of Janell’s love for creating natural and vegan products for her family. You can purchase Camile’s products online, or find them with major retailers like Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Whole Foods.

Browse Camille Rose Naturals

Briogeo Hair

Briogeo was founded by Nancy Twine who learned about making custom hair care products from her grandmother. After a move to New York City and the realization that store-bought products hurt more than they helped, Nancy founded Briogeo Hari Care.

Here are just a few of their best selling products that are vegan. To check if the product is gluten free, silicone free, paraben free, sulfate free, cruelty free, or vegan, navigate to the product page, and click on “Why It’s Unique”, you’ll see all of the product details.

Take the hair care quiz for custom recommendations.

25th and June

This cruelty-free, vegan, and 10-Free (ten of the most commonly found harmful chemicals). The brand was started by Nexus on her bedroom floor with the goal of creating a high-quality nail polish that offers “unapologetic vibes of feeling your self”.

Browse 25th and June

Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty

Most of us are familiar with Fenty Beauty, owned by Rhianna. Fenty is well known for offering one of the most diverse ranges of foundation shades in the beauty industry. While Fenty beauty isn’t exclusively vegan, they are cruelty free and many of their products are vegan.

Here are a few of the best sellers that are vegan in the shades listed. You can tell if a product is vegan by navigating to the product page, clicking on “Ingredients” and looking at the listed vegan products. If there are none mentioned, no shades of that specific product are vegan.

Also by Rhianna, is the Savage X Fenty lingerie line which features not only diverse models but diverse bodies. Keep in mind that anything made with silk is not vegan.

Browse Savage X Fenty

Ginger & Liz

If you’ve ever looked for vegan, cruelty-free nail polish with colors that wow, look no further than Ginger & Liz.

The brand began in 2010 by, you guessed it, Ginger and Liz! The ladies themselves are vegan and vegetarian and wanted to bring the lifestyle to the beauty industry. The polished are toxin and carcinogen free, so even those who normally react poorly should be okay.

Browse Ginger & Liz

The Lip Bar

Founded in 2012 by Melissa, The Lip Bar, is the result of frustration towards the beauty industry for their use of unnecessary chemicals, their slim range of color, and their linear depiction of beauty that didn’t embrace diversity.

This incredible makeup brand is completely vegan and cruelty-free and their lipsticks get absolutely rave reviews, especially the liquid matte lipstick which is known to actually keep your lips moisturized rather than drying them out, like most liquid mattes.

I know where I’ll be getting my lipstick from now on!

Browse Liquid Matte Lipsticks

Anita Grant

The company, Anita Grant, began with a trip to the hospital when Anita had an allergic reaction to a lotion. She decided then and there that she was going to make her own products. She began experimenting with ingredients from her own kitchen, from different herbs and spices to coconut oil and even baking soda.

Today, all of the products are handmade and fresh in the UK so you know that you’re getting products that are good for your body.

At the time of writing, all products were vegan with the exception of the Rhassoul Deep Condishes which has honey. Find more info on their vegan products here.

Browse Anita Grant

More Black Owned Businesses

We have not yet confirmed that all of these businesses offer vegan products. I’ll update the list as I know more!

Why Supporting Black Owned Businesses Matters

We can’t speak to the experiences of black people, but we can vote with our wallets. By actively purchasing from companies that support diversity and that are owned by black people, we can begin to combat systematic racism.

Making these little changes makes a huge difference and it’s something that we ourselves are new to. We already check to see if an item is vegan and consider how eco friendly it is, we rarely if ever check to see who runs the company.

From now on, we will actively be researching to find products that are developed by also minority and black owned businesses and that are also vegan and eco friendly. If we all commit to making these small changes alongside protests and letters to lawmakers, we can make big changes.

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