The ULTIMATE DIY Travel Hygiene Kit to Make Today

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Traveling can be the best time of your life but the extra germs and lack of clean underwear can make it quite stressful. And if you’re anything like me (aka won’t walk anywhere barefoot), you’ll want to keep reading to learn how to make a personal hygiene kit.

In this post, we’ll go over some general hygiene tips and then learn what needs to go into your personal hygiene kit. These travel hygiene kits are the perfect size for anyone on the go who wants to stay healthy.

Keep reading to learn how to stay healthy while traveling.

DIY Personal Hygiene Kit or Travel Hygiene Kit

Now for the real reason that you’re here: learning how to make a personal hygiene kit or a travel hygiene kit. The only difference is going to be the size of your liquids. For travelers, we’ll make sure your travel hygiene kit makes it through airport security.

Keep in mind that what works for me might not work for you! Add or subtract to make the perfect personal hygiene kit for yourself.

Everything listed here fits in the TSA approved toiletries bag with room to spare. Many of these items do contain plastic but I have had them for ages. I’m currently in the process of using up my plastic-based products and switching to reusable and plastic-free options.

  • TSA Approved Clear Toiletries Bag ($13): I’ve never had a problem getting this through security. Great size and durable so far!
  • Lush face cleansing bars ($6): Perfect for face washing and doesn’t count as a liquid. They’re very hydrating so I don’t always need a moisturizer after.
  • Lush facial oil ($15): If you do have dry skin this is my favorite facial oil and can double as a hand lotion. Smells amazing!
  • Hair tie ($3/scrunchy): Dirty hair on a sweaty neck is the opposite of quality personal hygiene.
  • Hand sanitizer: I have a giant bottle that I refill my travel size from.
  • Chapstick ($3/stick): This brand is vegan but the packaging is made from plastic.
  • Tooth tablets ($15): These foam up so definitely need to be used in the bathroom but they’re perfect for having a clean mouth.
  • Stain removing stick ($3/stick): You’ll feel much cleaner without stains!
  • Reusable makeup removing cloth ($2/cloth): To remove makeup and can double as a washcloth
  • Deodorant ($10): You certainly know what this is for.
  • Wipes ($6/pack): Especially with new viruses, wipe down your space (tray table, armrests, screen) before sitting down. Use these to wipe down your computer keyboard and your phone as well.
  • Elf Spot Remover ($3): Pimples often arise while traveling. Elf’s spot remover helps you get them under control.

Should I keep a mask in my personal hygiene kit?

As Covid-19 has taught us, it does indeed seem to be a good idea to keep a mask around.

If you do wear a mask, be mindful that it needs to be high quality and sealed around your mouth and nose to actually do its job. That means no taking it off for food and water during your journey. Dehydrating yourself is not a good solution and can weaken your body. The best practice is to skip the mask and stick to frequently washing high touch surfaces (hands, phone, computer,) and avoid touching your face.

If you’re going on a cruise and want to wear a mask, keep in mind that this means wearing it everywhere but your room. Cruises are terrible for the environment (even worse than planes), so I would just stop taking them entirely.

Clean These Regularly

There are some things we completely forget about cleaning. This is where germs build up! If you’ve got some hand sanitizer (get a small bottle to get through airport security) or a wet wipe, gives these a wipe down at least once a week. I always wash my phone case and keyboard cover as soon as I get to my accommodation.

  • Phone Case: When was the last time you actually washed your phone case? The average phone has 7x more bacteria than a toilet seat.
  • Credit Cards: Really any card you’re frequently touching or handing over to others. Shudder.
  • Headphones: Constantly touched and likely often dropped, these are begging to be sanitized.
  • Computer Keyboard: The amount of gross stuff that gets on here really is astounding. I recommend purchasing a plastic keyboard cover that you can just take off and clean with some hot soapy water.

Skin Hygiene

Wash your face! Whenever you have the chance to pop into a bathroom, try and splash some water on your face and the back of your neck. You’ll be amazed at how refreshed you feel. If you prepared your personal hygiene kit ahead of time you’ll have your face wash with you!

Avoid makeup on travel days. I won’t go anywhere without my eyebrows, but these are easily redrawn and it makes it a lot easier to feel clean on stressful travel days.

Drink lots of water. How is this related to personal hygiene? Your skin will love you and be happier to do its job of keeping pimples away. We’re all basically just house plants with more complex emotions, as the saying goes. Try to keep hydrated

Mouth Hygiene

There are two items you’ll want for this one. A bamboo toothbrush (because it’s more sustainable than buying plastic ones) and toothpaste tablets (again these are better than buying standard toothpaste tubes and they also don’t contribute to your liquid allowance when flying).

If you are on a long flight or just try to stick to the 8-hour rule. As in brush your teeth every 8 hours or so. Your breath and dentist will thank you for this. You can also get mouthwash tabs if are really keen on having fresh breath.

Pack the Important Stuff in Your Carry-on Luggage

I’m talking Wild‘s vegan, aluminum-free, and zero-waste deodorant, shampoo bar and anything else you use to keep the body odor away. Again if possible try to stick to the dry variants of these as to avoid using your liquid allowance. Having access to your personal hygiene kit should the rest of your luggage get lost will make your trip that much more enjoyable.

Above all, remember that wellness during travel is an important part of the experience! You need to take care of your mind, body, and spirit to truly enjoy the experience and make the most out of it.

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