10 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas You Should Start Using

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Being sustainably conscious is very important for the environment. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up the joys of life like gifting. The presentation of a gift is just as significant as the item itself. If you’re worried about creating waste there are many alternatives you can use, like eco-friendly gift wrapping.

What Makes Something Eco-Friendly?

If the material you wrapped your gifts in is reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable you can consider it eco-friendly. It is important that your eco-friendly wrapping does not contain plastic, especially particles of microplastic found in glitter for example. Eco-friendly items are created with the environment in mind, and they have little to no impact on the environment.

If your gift wrapping is vintage or zero waste, even better. If the receiver of the gift can use your box for storage or your jar for their kitchen, then the wrapping is the gift in itself as well. Your gift-wrapping skills will become advanced fast after you start looking for ways to create eco-friendly gift-wrapping. You will not look the same way at anything, but rather you will think if something can be recycled before you throw it away.

How Do You Make Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping?

Gift wrapping ideas are endless, starting from recycled gift wrap to using jars and boxes. When you think about sustainable gift wrap, have in mind if the person you are giving a gift to will have to use the wrap on its own and if they will keep it or not.

We all understand that not everyone is eco-aware as we are, and they might throw away our gift wrap that was supposed to be reused. To avoid this try to find wrapping ideas that are so adorable that everyone will for sure keep and use them later. 

Here are some ideas for wrapping gifts in eco-friendly gift wraps:

1. Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth

The custom of creating furoshiki fabric covers is an amazing and unique way to create eco-friendly gift wraps. These reusable, zero-waste, biodegradable wrapping options are an amazing way to show off your creativity. They are easy to use and look like beautiful scarves.

Most of them are made out of cotton but they can also come as silk or other fancy materials. To prolong a fabric’s life it is best to wash it and dry it in fresh air. You can use it to wrap books, bottles, jewellery, and other items.

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2. Reusable Vintage Finds

Thrift stores are like a treasure hunt for eco-friendly gift wrapping. You can find anything from scarves to tea towels, and fabric pieces, but also old jars, boxes, maps, and other decorative items. You can use fabric to wrap your gifts, in the same way as you would with Furoshiki.

These are very affordable and you can get more items and experiment with them, see what works together and what doesn’t. You can write notes on old postcards, find little ornaments for decoration or even find unique gifts in thrift stores.

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3. Fabric Gift Bags

If you need the easiest and quickest way to wrap a gift, it is fabric gift bags. Put your gift inside, secure it with a tie, and done! An exquisite gift. The sustainable aspect is that it will likely be used again for years before it ultimately disintegrates.

These can be used for bottles, or more items at once. You can even pack something like a t-shirt in it, or a book. Colours, materials and styles differ, and there are multiple options available online with the most amazing ones on Etsy and Amazon.

Where to find:

4. Sustainable Wrapping Paper

For those who love wrapping gifts, more traditionally sustainable wrapping paper is a great option. You will find many designs that look similar to regular wrapping paper but they are not going to end up in our water supply because microplastic is often used for regular wrapping paper.

Most brands that create sustainable wrapping papers are using old newspapers or recyclable paper, natural dyes and recyclable or eco-friendly packaging. By using biodegradable paper or eco-friendly paper you will feel much better about your gift, and also spread the word about options people have when wrapping gifts.

Where to find:

5. Brown Kraft Paper

Similar to sustainable wrapping paper, brown kraft paper is biodegradable and one of the best ways to wrap your gifts. Since the colour is simple brown you can add a little bit of decoration by adding flowers, leaves, ribbons, and similar decorative items to make your gifts pretty and unique.

A brown paper bag can also be used if you are short of kraft paper. Cut it and create the shape you need for the gift wrapping. Instead of using tape or glue, attach a note or gift tag with a lovely wooden paper clip. You can wrap anything in this paper, from small gifts to large boxes.

Where to find:

6. Old Newspaper

Usually, all of us have some newspapers laying somewhere. Maybe you do not buy print paper anymore, but your parents or grandparents might have a stash of old paper somewhere. Check the basement, the attic, or the living room wherever is most likely to find some.

Wrapping your gifts in old newspapers and magazines gives the gift that adorable retro look. You can additionally decorate it by using strings and ribbons, flowers, or even coffee stains. This is the best way to wrap gifts for those who like vintage style, this will most probably end up on their Instagram feed.

7. Shopping Bags

If you are one of those that often forget their own bag to the store and have a bunch of brown paper shopping bags you don’t know what to do with, here is an idea for you, use them as eco-friendly gift wrapping. They can be decorated however you like and used to package your gifts. 

Use craft scissors to carve out delicate patterns along the edge, or tie the bag closed with lace. You can use printed bags as well if you have them. To make the gift look polished, simply add finishing touches like handwritten tags and ribbons.

8. Packaging Box

Packaging boxes you have left from your last online shopping can be a great space for your creativity to shine. With the packaging boxes, you can decorate the outside, stuff the inside, and make it special in so many ways. A shoe box or a box of cereal can also be used, or anything else you have.

Add eco-friendly ribbons or create your own stamps for decoration. It looks nice and sturdy when the printed box is covered in leftover fabric or paper. You can use old pillowcases or bed linens to cover the box. It can then be used by the receiver as a container for storage.

9. Eco-Friendly Gift Box

Similar to kraft paper you can buy eco-friendly boxes for packing your gifts. This is excellent for the Christmas tree gifts solution. Usually made of recyclable or eco-friendly paper, these boxes are either brown or neutral in colour. They have their own ribbons or ways of closing, but you can additionally decorate them to make them pretty.

The receiver of a gift can reuse these boxes when they pack the gift for someone, or they can use them for storage. They are beautiful and minimalistic and have a great purpose. Fill them with gifts and sweets and they will make someone really happy.

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10. Mason Jars

For those who like baking and cooking, gifting edible gifts in a mason jar is the most creative and convenient gift. Glass jars are eco-friendly gift wrapping because they are most likely to be reused by the receiver. Also, not only baked goods but small items like jewellery or ornaments can be gifted in jars as well. 

Some of the best gifts you can make for the jar are vegan homemade butter like peanut or almond butter, energy balls made out of nuts and dried fruits, cookies, or vegan chocolate. You must know what your friend or a family member loves, and prepare these delicious sweets for them.

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Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas FAQs

What Is the Most Eco-Friendly Way to Wrap Presents?

There are many creative ways to wrap presents, and some include reusable fabric wrap, furoshiki wrapping style, recycled wrapping paper, and so much more. If it is a zero-waste-inspired gift wrap it must be the most eco-friendly gift wrapping available.

What Can I Use Instead of a Gift Wrapper?

There are so many cute ideas for wrapping presents into sustainable gift wraps. Some of them are putting your presents into a basket, using wallpaper, newspaper, tissue paper, cans or jars, reusable bags made out of fabric or paper, and more.

What Is the Easiest Way to Find an Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap?

You may already have it at home. You can use towels, sheets, tissue paper, etc. In case you don’t have anything you can use, visit websites like Amazon, Etsy, or EarthHero for the best eco-friendly gift wrap ideas and tools.

Why Is Conventional Wrapping Paper Not Eco-Friendly?

Conventional wrapping paper is typically made out of low-quality fibres that are coloured, coated in plastic, and embellished with glitter which is microplastic. This is why conventional wrapping paper purchased from the high street or supermarket is typically not sustainable.

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