15 Sustainable Travel Products You Must Have

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Travelling can be stressful, or at least planning on it, especially if you care about sustainability and eco-tourism. Thankfully, we can now buy so many amazing sustainable travel products that help us plan our trips and always be ready to pack our bags and explore the world.

What Is Sustainable Travel?

Sustainable travel focuses on reducing our impact on the environment. That can include anything from lowering your carbon footprint to taking public transportation whenever possible to using reusable water jugs the entire time you’re travelling.

The practical applications of sustainable travel principles are the same whether we’re discussing sustainable tourism or corporate travel. The bottom line is to take all reasonable steps to lessen any trip’s adverse effects on the earth, society, and economy.

How to Travel Sustainably?

While the global tourism boom helped many nations’ economies expand, it frequently came at the cost of the environment and local communities. With the rise in tourists came gentrification, congested streets, pollution, and habitat loss. You, as a traveller, can contribute to the solution. Here are some things you can do already on your next trip:

  • Travel off the beaten path.
  • Stay longer at your destination.
  • Use more sustainable modes of transportation, like trains or public transport.
  • Save water and energy when possible.
  • Use more sustainable travel products.
  • Give back to the local economy.
  • Avoid single-use plastic.
  • Respect local communities and cultures.
  • Visit national parks that charge entrance fees.
  • Choose sustainable tour companies and accommodations.

What Are the Best Sustainable Travel Products?

Your travelling experience doesn’t have to feel wrong. You can make better choices for yourself and the world we live in and feel good when you travel. With these sustainable travel products, you will want to book more trips this year:

1. Powder-To-Foam Products by Inclusev

These unique sustainable travel products save space and the planet at the same time. Just 50g of their products is as powerful as 4 times more liquid. So basically if you use 4 bottles of liquid product like shampoo or handwash, you could use just a tiny bottle of powdered product.

They offer 4 different products at the moment:

Inclusev was kind enough to send some products for us to try, and I have to say they are a game changer! Swapping powder for liquid means it’s easy to pack a tiny container of only what I need for a trip, plus I’m saving storage space at home. 

2. Bamboo Utensil Set

Whether you are camping, going for a walk in the forest, or simply having a long flight, owning a Bamboo Utensil Set is life-saving sometimes. When you have a set like this you do not have to use single-use plastic often offered with takeouts. It is also a great addition to your own pre-packed food, so you can sit and eat anywhere. They are easy to clean, durable, and small, and can fit in any bag or backpack.

3. Stainless Steel Reusable Water Bottle

You must stay hydrated during the day, especially if you are on the move and don’t know when you are going to pour yourself a glass of water. Having a reusable bottle with you is the best option, and one of the most important sustainable travel products you can own. It is also great that you do not have to buy plastic bottles of water when you have your own reusable bottle.

4. Bottle Sling

Bottle sling is one of the most practical products people usually forget about. But if you end up carrying your water bottle in your hands you will think of how great it would be if you could just hang your water bottle so you have your hands free. That is why a bottle sling is a must for your sustainable travel.

5. Reusable Shopping Bag

There are many situations where a reusable shopping bag is a must-have when travelling. You will go to a grocery store and need a bag, you will buy souvenirs, or you will have to make space in your suitcase and have extra things you would need to pack somewhere. Whatever the reason, having a handy shopping bag nearby is amazing, especially because they do not take up space when they are empty and they are lightweight.

6. Reusable Straw

Not everyone uses straws but having one makes traveling easier. Maybe you want to try freshly cut coconut water, or drink a cocktail in a small bar on the beach, but feel bad about plastic straws that are everywhere. If you have a reusable straw in a small package that resembles a keychain you are set to travel the world.

7. Reusable Food Container

For all the little details that make a meal genuinely amazing, Stainless Steel Travel Container is a must for your sustainable travel products list. This amazing container is perfect for serving cereal, soups, snacks, nuts, and dishes of any kind. Additionally, the stainless steel makes it easily washable and durable, so you can use it for years to come.

8. Compostable and Resealable Bags

You can now switch to compostable and reusable bags instead of single-use plastic bags which have many other advantages too. These storage bags are produced from GMO-free crops and a breathable plant-based resin. With these special storage containers, you can keep food fresher for longer while also protecting the environment.

9. Organic Cotton Backpack

This fashionable cotton backpack is ideal for travel. It contains everything you need and more and is made of heavy-weight organic cotton. It has a convenient laptop compartment, where you can also store books or documents. Other features are two side compartments for reusable water bottles, a front pocket, an interior pocket, and more. You can carry your clothes or your meals in this backpack wherever you go.

10. Hip Pack

If you prefer a hip pack to a backpack, we have just the perfect thing for you. This bag is made entirely from recycled nylon that was otherwise destined for the landfill by other manufacturers. It has two interior mesh pockets, an adjustable webbing hip belt, and lightweight, vibrant fabric. You can use it for travel essentials like travel documents, your phone, chargers, and snacks.

11. 3-in-1 Classic Stainless Steel Lunchbox

If you are planning a full-day trip or have certain dietary requirements it is best to bring your own food with you, and with this 3-in-1 Classic Stainless Steel Lunchbox, you have everything you need. You can keep your food in separate modular parts, which are plastic-free and long-lasting. Even when you are not on a trip, you can use this lunchbox set for your work meals or your kids’ school lunches.

12. Bamboo Toothbrush and Travel Case

Your zero-waste goals shouldn’t have to be abandoned just because you’re travelling. This makes Bamboo Toothbrush and Travel Case an ideal sustainable travel product for any eco-traveller. The toothbrush has nylon bristles that are dentist-approved and clean teeth and gums gently but efficiently. Bamboo that has been harvested responsibly and is biodegradable is used to make the toothbrush base and travel case. 

13. Reusable Face Mask

The reality of our travel in recent years is that we need face masks, and there is nothing better than a reusable face mask made out of organic cotton. This face mask, which can be added with a filter through a pocket, is made from a double layer of 100% organic cotton jersey that was ethically obtained from Turkey and is fastened with elastic loops that go over your ears. It can be cleaned and disinfected.

14. Reusable Coffee Mug

You don’t have to give up your coffee addiction when travelling, as long as you have one of these reusable travel coffee mugs. This environmentally friendly reusable coffee cup is made of pro-grade stainless steel to guarantee pure taste and no flavour transfer. It also has a press-in insulated lid for temperature control and splash-resistant transport. It has an easy-grip handle and a soft-touch finish for a comfortable sensation in your hands. Drinks can stay cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours in this mug.

15. Sustainable Packing Cubes

Every experienced traveller knows that packing cubes are an excellent tool for the organisation of your luggage, which also saves space and creates drawer-like compartments. It is even better if these cubes are sustainable and long-lasting. These cubes make travelling simple with their wrap-around zippers, mesh side panels for breathability, and top handle for transporting. Every cube is made entirely of leftover materials that might have wound up in a landfill. 

Sustainable Travel Products FAQs

How Do I Switch From Single-Use Plastic to Reusable Products?

Any lifestyle change can seem difficult at first, so it is important to take baby steps because an overnight switch doesn’t work for most people. Start by getting a reusable and more sustainable version of your everyday use items like a coffee mug or water bottle, and with time you will find more items you can replace in your home or your office.

Is It Possible to Travel Sustainably?

Yes, absolutely. There are some easy steps you can take to make your trip more sustainable, from using sustainable travel products to booking sustainable accommodation. On websites like Booking.com, you can see which hotels are travel sustainable and which are not. If you do not know where to start, choose the simple thing first like opting for a bicycle ride instead of a car ride.

How Do I Start My Sustainable Journey?

Educate yourself on sustainability and low waste. Find as much information as you can that will help you change your life for the better. Your sustainable lifestyle is a lifelong journey so allow yourself to make mistakes and to learn from your mistakes. With time everything will make more sense.

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