10 Best Vegan Online Grocery Stores in the UK

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Being vegan is becoming more accessible in recent years but we all feel like there are not enough vegan online grocery stores. However, the UK is leading the world with vegan products, and there are a lot of places you can go to get different vegan cheeses, meats, cosmetics, and more. We are offering you the best guide for vegan online grocery in the UK:

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1. The Vegan Kind

  • Delivery area: UK, if you order by 2 pm it is possible to get your order the same day.
  • Are subscriptions available?: Yes, they have a very popular vegan subscription box available.

The Vegan Kind is one of the UK’s most popular online plant-based grocery stores. They are a combination of two businesses, a supermarket and an online market. Their location is in Glasgow but they deliver through the UK.

The excellent business idea that vegans really love is that they sell only vegan products, so you don’t have to read the ingredients and you can shop stress-free. Everyone who works for them is also vegan so they know everything you might have questions about.

You can snag some good deals in this store because they offer discounts for food that is approaching its “best before” date. They do this to reduce food waste, which is a great problem in the world. On the product listings, they show discounted items with a “use by” date.

A vegan bakery and vegan alcohol are both available in their food department, which should satisfy the majority of vegans. Additionally, they carry a wide selection of vegan-friendly home goods and cosmetics, and they even have an ethical fashion area. They have a multi-tiered loyalty programme in place, and they routinely send out discount coupons and codes to loyal consumers.

Fresh and chilled vegan products that may be delivered are one of the Vegan Kind Supermarket’s specialities. Because it can be difficult to get chilled and perishable goods to customers in time, some suppliers avoid doing so. 

2. Green Bay

  • Delivery area – The entire UK, several locations in Europe, and pickup available in London
  • Are subscriptions available? – No, but they have a loyalty program.

Green Bay is among the best vegan online grocery stores where everything is entirely vegan. No reading of ingredients or labelling. You can always ask their experienced staff if you’re looking for certain items or want to try something new because it is also operated by vegans.

They specialise in “hard to find” items and have a few vegan products that you can find only in their store. They have more vegan cheeses than most non-specialist cheesemongers, for instance, with over 90 varieties available. If you’re interested in purchasing vegan products in addition to vegan food, they also feature a cruelty-free health and beauty department.

Returning clients will receive benefits from the GreenClub loyalty programme. It could be a good idea to join the newsletter if you plan to shop at Green Bay frequently because they often give specials and promo codes.

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3. Amazon

  • Delivery area – UK
  • Are subscriptions available? – No

In the UK, Amazon has made a significant entry into the grocery and fresh food markets and today has thousands of food goods available for grocery delivery services. There are several vegan products available, many of which are sold directly by small, independent providers.

Since Amazon is not only vegan but rather vegan-friendly, you will have to read ingredient lists and read reviews before purchasing products. However, this is the place where you can find a variety of vegan-friendly items, spices, groceries, and so much more.

Additionally, Amazon offers fresh grocery stores. This is comparable to a typical supermarket where fresh produce and chilled goods are delivered in hourly slots either the same day or the following day. Currently, it is only being implemented in a few postcodes, primarily in London. 

4. VegEx

  • Delivery area – UK
  • Are subscriptions available? – No

VegEx or Vegetarian Express is a store which has operated for more than 30 years. They offer high-quality vegan and vegetarian products and offer free shipping on orders larger than £60. Their main idea is to source ingredients from which you can make delicious meals.

This is especially great for new vegans who don’t know where to start. You can choose a country on their website from the selection of World Ingredients and buy anything you need for Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, and many more dishes. They follow food trends and you can do it too if you sign up for their newsletter.

5. Mighty Plants

  • Delivery area – UK
  • Are subscriptions available? – No

Mighty Plants is a family-owned vegan online grocery store that supports small producers but also has some very popular plant-based products you can buy in other stores too. They focus on frozen products with the idea that it saves quality and also reduces food waste.

When you order frozen products from them you will get them delivered to your door, insulated in recycled plastic bottles, with carbon-neutral dry ice. On their website, you can also find recipes and a magazine, so this is a unique one-stop shop for every vegan.

6. Vegan Store

  • Delivery area – UK, but they also ship internationally
  • Are subscriptions available? – No

An excellent vegan online grocery store is VeganStore. You can choose any product on their website with confidence knowing that it has already been verified and certified as a vegan because everything they sell is vegan.

The fact that VeganStore sources high-quality vegan food from all over the world, not just the UK, is particularly impressive. They frequently launch innovative foreign vegan foods first on the market. If you are a foodie that loves to try out new meals, this is the one store you need to bookmark.

In an effort to support local businesses, they strive to utilise UK suppliers whenever feasible, but they recognise that other countries, particularly the USA, have excellent vegan items that vegans in the UK could find interesting.

Depending on the season, they are also very strong on holiday items like vegan Christmas, Easter, or Valentine’s. They are also open to suggestions on what to stock if there is a specific vegan product you are aware of but can’t locate a stockist for.

7. Vegan Supermarket

  • Delivery area – UK
  • Are subscriptions available? – Yes, they have vegan subscription boxes that contain 10+ vegan items.

Stores like this Vegan Supermarket are favourites among vegans because you know that every product is vegan and cruelty-free and it gives you peace of mind when shopping. They have a huge variety of products available, from nutrition to beauty from kids to groceries, and so on.

A great tool they have on the website is Price Comparison. If you create the account you can compare prices in their store to prices in other stores and what producers sell the items for. They have great prices so you will rarely ever switch the site, but this tool makes sure you get everything you need at the best price possible.

8. Vegan Supermarket

  • Delivery area – UK
  • Are subscriptions available? – No

This store is also called Vegan Supermarket, but it is not the same as the previous one, although the concept is very similar. They sell all kinds of products, from nutrition and protein powders to beauty and apparel. 

All their products are vegan, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly, so you can shop for anything you need without bothering with the ingredients list and research. Some of their most popular products include cosmetics, perfumes, and vegan wine.

9. Planet Organic

  • Delivery area – the entire UK, but you can order it and pick it up in London for fresh produce.
  • Are subscriptions available? – No, but they offer a loyalty program.

Planet Organic is not only a vegan store but rather an organic store that is vegan-friendly. This is why you need to select Vegan Shop on their website to see vegan products. They offer thousands of vegan products of the best quality and shopping with them will be a great pleasure for you.

In their Vegan Health area, you may find protein powder, vitamins, and probiotics. In addition, there is a section called Vegan Beauty that offers approximately a thousand various vegan and ethical beauty items.

YOYO is their app which is used as a loyalty program and payment app where you also receive promo codes, rewards, and special offers. If you sign up for their email list there is also a promo code to be received and special offers occasionally sent through email

10. Ethical Superstore

  • Delivery area – only in the UK.
  • Are subscriptions available? – No, but they have a loyalty program.

Ethical Superstore is a huge store with vegan grocery delivery, that includes food, home products, beauty, fashion, and so much more. One of the best parts of their website is dedicated to plastic alternatives, where you can buy anything for your home but from ethically sourced and eco-friendly materials.

This is like a virtual shopping mall only for vegans where you can buy anything from kids’ toys to vegan cheeses. Select a category you like and add items to your card. Although there will be quite a few expensive items, you will most probably find reasonably priced products of all sorts.

A price guarantee is something that Ethical Superstore provides that is uncommon in speciality stores. They guarantee to offer the best prices on the industry’s top ethical items and will reimburse the difference if you find them elsewhere. Keep this in mind when shopping with them.

Vegan Online Grocery Stores FAQs

Is Aldi a vegan store?

Aldi is not exclusively a vegan store, but it offers an abundance of vegan products on its shelves. You can find everything from fresh produce to vegan meats and cheeses in Aldi.

Is Costco vegan?

Costco is very vegan-friendly with new vegan options coming to stores every year. This Is one of the supermarkets you can go to with confidence that you will find excellent vegan groceries.

Is Lidl vegan?

Lidl is not vegan, but rather a regular supermarket with some excellent vegan options. The best is if you take a look at their catalogue before going to the store, to know what to look for.

Are There Any Vegan Grocery Stores?

There are several vegan grocery stores in the UK and most probably in your area. Look for Green Bay, Harmless Store Hornsey, and others. If there is no vegan store where you live, check out regular supermarkets that carry vegan items.

Where Can I Get Vegan Groceries Near Me?

If you don’t know where to get vegan groceries or if you live in an area with the least options, you can start by shopping online or checking HappyCow for vegan markets nearby.

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