How to Get From London to Stonehenge

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A religious monument, an early attempt at astrology, an act of the gods?

If you’re heading to England, a Stonehenge day trip from London is probably on your must see list, and for good reason! There are so many interesting theories behind Stonehenge.

Until you see Stonehenge up-close (from behind the fence), it’s hard to understand the grandeur and mystery that surrounds it.

If you’re wondering how to get from London to Stonehenge, keep reading to discover your options.

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How to Get to Stonehenge on Public Transportation

Directions may vary based on your original starting point. I recommend consulting Google Maps or CityMapper for more specific directions.

Cost: Likely around 60-70 pounds (varies based on how in advance you book everything)
Time: 3-4 hours

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How to See Stonehenge for Free

When I did a Stonehenge day trip from London I used a private company.

However, upon arrival, I learned that there are local farmers who will let you walk on their land to see Stonehenge. You won’t be able to get as close (just by a few meters though) and you won’t have access to the audio guide, which was honestly one of the highlights. Without the history you’re kind of just looking at a bunch of rocks.

That being said, if you want to see Stonehenge for free, it might be worth taking the gamble and paying to get there by public transport. If the farmers are still allowing free access, you’ve scored big, but if not you pay the general entrance fee.

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Visit Stonehenge With a Private tour Company

I highly recommend this option for a Stonehenge day trip from London. It’s likely cheaper, faster, and a lot less stressful than taking public transportation.

Book Your Ticket Online

You’ll easily find many options for a Stonehenge day trip from London online but here are a few of the best priced options.

  • Stonehenge Coach from London: Includes coach, entrance fee to Stonehenge, and audio Guide.
    Price: 53 Pounds
    Time: 2-3 hours
    This option is affiliated with Trip Advisor and is likely a little more reputable than the following, cheaper option.
  • Stonehenge Coach from London 2: Includes coach, entrance fee to Stonehenge, and Audio Guide.
    Price: 45 Pounds and potential discount options
    Time: 2-3 Hours

Make Your Way to the Pickup Point and Enjoy the Ride!

Use Google Maps or one of these other must-have travel apps to make your way to the pickup point. It’s a given, but be sure to be there early! London buses get delayed and sometimes change route (don’t panic!), so it’s always best to give yourself more time than anticipated, whether you’re taking the bus or the tube.

These bus tours from London to Stonehenge are a fantastic way to see the the sights. You generally won’t be doing a walking tour with the tour company, so you really only need them for the ride and the discounted ticket.

If you’re still deciding on how to get from London to Stonehenge, I highly recommend a bus tour! They all leave from central London and with London’s incredibly public transit you’ll easily be able to get there.

Find a Stonehenge tour here!

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Extend Your Bus Tour Experience

The Stonehenge day trip tours from London are either going to be a morning or an afternoon experience, unless you pay a premium for a sunrise or sunset walk among the stone circle.

If you want to extend your adventures past the London Eye or Tower of London and see more of the English countryside, consider one of these other day tours that either include Stonehenge is one of many other London tours entirely.

Note: Some tours can be upgraded for pickup from hotels or other accommodation.

Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Bath Day Trip from London

If you’re looking for a busy day out, you can spend your day visiting Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Bath all in one long day.

Straight from the website:

  • Guided day trip from London to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath
  • Explore St George’s Chapel and the State Apartments at Windsor Castle
  • Tour the mysterious site of Stonehenge with an exclusive interactive map & VOX audio guide
  • Take a panoramic tour of Georgian Bath with a guide
  • Visit the Roman Baths with free audio guide, a well-preserved public bathing pool offering an insight into life during the Roman era
  • Includes first-class luxury coach with FREE Wi-Fi and the services of a guide

Price: Starts at 99£ per person

Check out this tour!

Stonehenge and Bath Day Trip from London

If you want a bit slower day with more time to explore Stonehenge and Bath, check out this day trip from London.

You’ll have the chance to explore Bath independently. Strolling through Bath Abby, River Avon, and the Jane Austen Visitor Centre.

Straight from the website:

  • Explore the World-Heritage site of Stonehenge
  • Discover the UNESCO World Heritage-listed city of Bath at your leisure
  • See Bath Abbey, the River Avon and other top city highlights
  • Upgrade your day trip with a visit to the Roman Baths or the Jane Austen Visitor Centre

Price: Starts at 74£

Check out this tour!

Stonehenge, Windsor and Bath Day Trip from London with Pub Lunch in Lacock

If you fancy lunch at a traditional English pub lunch and the chance to choose between activities, this might just be the tour for you.

From the website:

You can either combine a visit to Stonehenge with a pub lunch in Lacock and a walking tour of Windsor, or opt to visit both Windsor Castle and Stonehenge with a break for a traditional English pub lunch. Both options also pass by the city of Bath, the hometown of Jane Austen.

  • Visit Stonehenge with a guide Sit down for lunch (or dinner) at a traditional English pub
  • Enjoy a coach tour of the beautiful Georgian city of Bath, home of the famous author Jane Austen
  • Go for a walking tour of Windsor or visit Windsor Castle (depending on selection chosen)

Price: Starts at 100£

Check out this tour!

England in One Day – Stonehenge, Bath, Stratford & the Cotswolds

If you’re looking to see the major sites of England in one day, look no further than this tour!

The itinerary starts with a trip to Stonehenge, followed by Bath and the Cotswolds, and finally Stratford-upon-Avon. This day trip isn’t for the faint of heart, but you’ll be able to check lots of things off of your England bucket list.

Straight from the website:

  • Private exclusive tour of Shakespeare’s Schoolroom including a glass of sparkling wine and scones
  • Entry to Stonehenge
  • Panoramic tour of the city of Bath
  • Professional Guide
  • Transportation by Luxury Air-Conditioned Coach with Free Wi-Fi on board

Prices: Start at 89£

Check out this tour!

Harry Potter Studio Tours Day Trip

Last but not least, a Harry Potter Studio Tours day trip is certainly in order!

While you can get to the studios via public transportation, you’ll need to get to a main train station, take a train, and then a bus to access the studios. You’ll have to check time tables in advance and plan well in order to make your studio access time.

You can also take a bus with a tour company and you’ll actually probably save money between ease of transportation a discounted group ticket.

Price: 96£

Check out this tour!

Stay Near Stonehenge

Skip the rush of a day trip and spend the night near Stonehenge!

Keep Exploring England

After learning how to get to from London to Stonehenge, dive into some other England content!

The United Kingdom is easily one of our favorite places with more beauty and more experiences than can be had in a lifetime.

Are you taking a trip to visit England? Drop us a comment with any questions and check out the posts below.

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