Lost Creator Academy Review: $800!? Is it Worth It?

The price tag is high, but is the value of Lost Creator Academy worth the $800, especially if you’re not a Youtuber or are completely new to photography and videography?

I won’t lie, $800 covers more than my rent and bills for a month, so it was not a decision that I made lightly! I invested in LCA in November of 2020 (the cursed year) during the Black Friday sale, having thought about joining for several months.

So having been a part of the community and worked my way through most of the videos, do I think that LCA is worth it?

The short answer of this Lost Creator Academy review, yes, I think it’s worth it.

Let’s dive into why!

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Quick Thoughts on LCA

  • Price: About $800
  • Best For: New or experienced creators looking for an engaged community and a constnatly updated photography and videography course
  • Discounts: Check for discounts here
  • Free Trial: Check out the free hour long content creator training here for a taste of the course
  • Worth It?: Yes. It’s expensive but a one time fee with constantly added value

What is Lost Creator Academy (LCA)?

Lost Creator Academy, or LCA as its affectionately known among its members, is a massive resource library with over 100 videos that teach both creative photography and videography in addition to business resources that are beneficial to those in the creative industry (bloggers, Instagrammers, vloggers, freelance creatives, and more!).

Lost Creator Academy LCA Discount/Coupon Code

At the time of writing, a 10% discount was available to those who attended the free 1 hour training (you have to wait until the end though). Sign up via the link below to access the Lost Creator Academy discount.

Lost Creator Academy Black Friday Sale

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Christian LeBlanc – Lost LeBlanc

Lost Creator Academy was founded and is run by Christian LeBlanc, who you might know as Lost LeBlanc if you spend any time on Youtube in the travel video realm. Christian LeBlanc is a self-made Youtube guru who started his channel with nothing more than a GoPro and within a few years turned it into a seven-figure business that we know and love today.

If you’re new to who Lost LeBlanc is, you can check out the video about his journey below (trust me, it’s worth the watch!)

What’s Included in Lost Creator Academy?

LCA is comprised of three main resources:

  • Video courses
  • Downloads/templates
  • Community

Lost Creator Academy Modules Overview (Video Courses)

LCA is currently comprised of over 115 videos, most of which are around 20 to 30 minutes. These are videos that are unique to the LCA platform and cannot be found on Youtube.

The sections are divided as follows:

  • Creative: Basics
  • Creative: Photograph
  • Creative: Videography
  • Business: Monetization
  • Business: Social Growth
  • Content Creator Boot Camp
  • Sell Your Own Product
  • Reviewing Your Content
  • Creator Coaches

Lost Creator Academy has lifetime access so once you invest, you’ll have access to all new content and features.

You don’t have the watch the videos in any particular order. If you’re already a whiz at photography and want to focus on the business side of things, hop on over to that section and dive on in! Go at your own pace or speed up the videos to get through them faster.

One of the best parts about LCA is that the goal is not simply to teach how to get brand deals. While this is discussed in detail, a big portion of the course is devoted to brand-building strategies and creating sustainable and diverse sources of income.

Additionally, a new feature is the recent addition of Creator Coaches. No one is a pro at everything which is why the LCA team are paying pros like professional models, Photoshop experts, and more to teach students advanced techniques.

The Creator Coaches include people and topics such as:

  • Sydney Symons
    • Working with models and shooting with brands
  • Malthe Zimakoff
    • Landscape photography
    • Shaping light in Lightroom and Photoshop
    • How to revive a colorless photo
    • Advanced level drone photo editing
  • Jakob Burkhardt
    • E-commerce studio photography (shoot and edit)
    • Stylize your lighting (studio shooting)
    • Level up your gimbal movements
  • Paris Verra
    • How to change the color of your clothing
    • Get the perfect photo (even when alone)

Lost Creator Academy Modules Review

This section provides the title of every model and video (that’s right, it took me ages) in addition to my personal LCA module review. There is no specific order you need to go in. I find that it’s best just to jump around the videos that are more relevant to you.

This list is updated as of September 2, 2021 but new videos are being added monthly!

LCA ModuleLessonsLCA Module Review
Welcome – Let’s Get Started– How to Navigate LCA
– Content Creator Crash Course – LCA Training Video (you can watch this for free here)
A quick way to start Lost Creator Academy. Nothing groundbreaking here.
Content Creator Boot Camp– Confidence on Camera
– 10 Things I wish I knew Before Starting
– 5 Things to Make Your Videos WAY Better
– Which Social Media Platform is Best?
– 5 Things to Make Your Photos WAY Better
– How to Get Free Hotels (With or Without a Following)
– What are the Risks of Becoming a Content Creator
– Vlogging Do’s and Dont’s
– How to Make Money as a Content Creator
– Is It Too Late to Become a Content Creator?
The Content Creator Boot Camp is a fantastic place to start if you’re completely new to the content creation game. It will help you build up your confidence, learn your priorities, get free hotels, and generally set you up well for the rest of the course.
Creative: Basics– Introduction to Creative (Photoshop vs LR: Premiere vs FCPX)
– Take Control of Your Camera (Manual Shooting & Fundamentals)
– Shutter Speed 101
– Aperature 101
– ISO 101
– How to Tell a Good Story
– Master Your Camera (Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Camera)
– My Top Camera Picks (2020-2021)
– What Camera Should YOU Get? (Cameras, Lenses, Drones & Gimbals)
– Do You REALLY Need an iPad?
– The M1 Macbooks are game-changing but you might not need it
– Level UP Your Visual – Contrast (Part 1)
– Level UP Your Visuals – Composition (Part 2)
– How I record from my Studio (Lighting, Audio, & Camera Setup)
– How to Make Any Shoot Look Beautiful (Lighting and Visuals)
– How to Make Any Studio Sound Incredible (Audio Tips and Microphones)
– Understanding Camera Sensor Sizes
– DSLR vs Mirrorless Cameras – What is the Difference?
– Tell Stories That Captivate (Full Video Walkthrough)
– How to Make Horizontal Videos Vertical
The Creative Basics module is really useful if you’re new to photography and videography. It sets foundations that are essential to creating beautiful content and teaches you not just how to use the tools, but how to tell a beautiful story in camera and in post-production. So far, this section provides. a firm foundation but in the next couple of months, I expect this to go into more advanced elements and I think we’ll see the LCA price rise to reflect this.
Creative: Videography– How to Become CONFIDENT on Camera
– Do’s and Don’ts of Vlogging
– Drone 101 – Flying like a Pro (Tips, Tricks, and Settings)
– Final Cut Pro Bootcamp (Start Editing like a Pro)
– Premiere Pro Bootcamp (Start Editing like a Pro)
– How to Edit Videos on a Slow Computer( Proxy Media & Library Management)
– Color Grade like a Pro (Easy 2-Step Process)
– How to maximize your audio (EQ and Audio Post Production)
– How to Edit a Travel Video (Start to Finish)
– 5-Steps to Edit an AMAZING video (Japan in 3 minutes)
– How to FILM a Cinematic Video – Bali Waterfall (Behind the Lens)
– How to EDIT a Cinematic VIdeo – Bali Waterfall (Behind the Edit) – Part 1
– How to EDIT a Cinematic Video – Bali Waterfall (Behind the Edit) – Part 2
– How to EDIT a Cinematic Video – Bali Waterfall (Behind the Edit) – Part 3
– Sound Design Challenge – Common Mistakes and Key Tips
– How to Shoot a Timelapse (3 Methods)
– How to Edit a Timelapse
– How I edited my BEST Video Yet (Sleep Can Wait) video is embedded at the top of this post
I came to LCA having absolutely zero experience with videography and. tobe honest, it wasn’t y top priority. I wanted to focus on my photography for Instagram and the blog. Of course, we now know that video content is the way forward so I’ve slowly started working my way through this section. The Premiere Pro Bootcamp was incredibly helpful and it’s a video that I frequently refer back to.
Creative: Photography– Portrait Shooting in Tokyo (Behind the Lens)
– Shoot Photos for Instagram WITHOUT a Photographer (Behind the Lens)
– Lightroom Bootcamp (Create Photo Edits you Love)
– Photoshop Bootcamp (Welcome to the Most Powerful Photography Tool)
– Photoshop Advanced Bootcamp (Sky Replacement and Composite Photography)
How to Shoot and Land a Hotel Collab (Behind the Lens) Part 1
– How to Edit a Hotel Collab (Behind the Edit) Part 2
– Make Better Thumbnails – Get the Views You Deserve!
– My Best and Worst Thumbnails (How to Increase Click-Through Rate)
– Why my video went Viral – Cappadocia Thumbnail (Behind the Edit)
– Editing my “How to Travel Bali” Thumbnail (Behind the Edit)
-Underwater Suite Instagram Post (Behind the Instagram)
– Advanced Photo Editing (Panorama, Content-Aware Scale, etc)
– Editing Travel Photos in Lightroom (I Edit Your Photos)
– Editing a Portrait (I Edit Your Photos)
– Mastering the Petshoot (Behind the Lens)
– Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Instagram Post (Behind the Edit)
I’ve worked as a professional photographer for a few years shooting portraits, working on digital art in Photoshop, and more recently shooting products (not in a studio setting). Some of the videos like the Photoshop and Lightroom Bootcamp and the sky replacement tutorial were a bit too basic for me but hearing the thought process is so valuable! Just as in the other sections, more advanced techniques will be added to this section. For right now, in order to make LCA accessible to all skill levels, it’s necessary to have the basics. If I were you, I would say invest now before the price rises.
Creative: Reviewing YOUR ContentEvery weekend in the LCA Facebook group is Feedback Friday and Social Saturday. This is your chance to post a recent photo or video and get feedback and engagement from fellow creators. Christian LeBlanc (Lost LeBlanc) also takes this opportunity to review photos, record a video, and put feedback into this section.These videos are great to watch if you’re in need of a little inspiration or want to understand common mistakes that content creators are making during their shooting and editing. Again, hearing the thought process is really helpful.
Business: Monetization– Build Your Action Plan (Time Management 101)
– How to Make Money with NO Following
– How to Position your Business (Build a Brand that Will Last)
– How Lost LeBlanc Became a 7 Figure Business (my revenue streams)
– How do Brand Deals Work? (Get Your First Client)
– Walkthrough my First Brand Deal (My First $ Earned as a Content Creator)
– How To Do Brand Deals that DON’T Hurt Your Brand
– The Power of a Well-Written Email (My Email Templates for Collaborating)
– How to Price Yourself (Get Paid What You Deserve)
– Contracts 101 (Understand What You’re Signing)
– How to Negotiate (Get the Upper Hand in the Deal)
– Art of the Collaboration (Get Free Hotels, Products, and Really Anything)
– The #1 Monetization Opportunity Most Creators Miss (Email Funnel)
– Getting Collaborations WITHOUT a Large Following (Christopher Lau)
– How Much Should You Charge for Freelance Work? (Emmett Sparling)
– 10 Tips to Creating a Catchy and Memorable brand Name (Creator Challenge #2)
– Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant (Lexie Limitless)
– How Having a Niche Pays $$$ (Brett Conti)
– How to Become a Freelancer (Cam)
The Lost Creator Academy business monetization module is the most valuable in my opinion. Money isn’t something that’s talked about very often in the content creator community and there’s so much ambiguity behind what creators are charing when they should start charging, and how to negotiate. This section provides so much insight and the email templates alone are probably worth the price of the course. I scored one flat stay in Whitby worth about $500 with this template! Plus, having the Facebook group is very active when talking about money. You can ask what to charge and Christian himself will typically respond with a recommendation.
Business: Social Growth– How to Grow on Instagram (the Things You Need to Start Today)
– Conquer the Instagram Algorithm (What Really Matters)
– How to Grow on Youtube (The Things You Need to Start Today)
– Get Your Youtube Videos in the Top Search Results (Search Engine Optimization)
– How to Become a Content Creator While Working Another Job
– How to Promote and Launch a Video (My Fastest Video to 100k Views)
– 45 Days of Posting Daily on Instagram
The social growth module is a good one to start with. It provides insights into social growth on Instagram and Youtube that are useful for setting a firm foundation before you proceed to work on your creative photography and videography skills. I would like to see more about Youtube SEO (I use Keysearch).
Sell Your Own Product– Introduction to Selling Your Own Product
– Deciding Your Product
– Getting Your Website Ready
– Getting Your Website Built
– Creating a Shopify Store
– Opening a Squarespace Website
– How to Market and Sell Your Product
– Opening a Convertkit Account
– Opening a Mailchimp Account (Parts 1, 2, 3)
– Building Your Email List
– Creating an Email Broadcast
– Creating an Email Sequence
– Facebook Community Groups
– Possible Products (Presets, Ebooks, Courses)
– Setting up Thinkific
– Opening a Teachable Account
To be completely honest, I found this module of LCA very disappointing. The videos are all only a few minutes long and basically act as a place for the LCA team to put affiliate links without providing any value. However, this is coming from someone who, as a full-time blogger and digital marketer, works with websites and email lists daily.

I really dislike how oversimplified this module is. “How to Market and Sell Your Product” is a great reminder that marketing is important but for goodness sakes, I have a master’s in marketing that can’t be simplified to a three-minute video.

Overall, this section should be last on your list. LCA is clearly a course for those looking to grow photography and videography skills, so I wouldn’t waste your time here.
Creator Coaches– Working with models and shooting with brands
– Landscape photography part 1 (Lightroom)
– Landscape photography part 2 (Photoshop)
– Shaping light in Lightroom and Photoshop
– How to revive a colorless photo
– Advanced level drone photo editing
– E-commerce studio photography (shoot and edit)
– Stylize your lighting (studio shooting)
– Level up your gimbal movements
– How to change the color of your clothing
– Get the perfect photo (even when alone)
The LCA Creator Coaches are a fantastic addition and add a great deal of value to the course. It’s difficult to admit that we’re not the best at everything we try, and Christian has done a great job bringing in incredible creators to fill in the gaps.

Lost Creator Academy Downloads

One of the biggest draws to LCA for me was the materials that are provided.

Email templates. If you’ve ever wanted to reach out to brands but struggled to figure out what to say or how to negotiate, these email templates are invaluable. There are currently 10 unique email templates (plus more with modifications) that you can copy and paste to reach out to hotels, brands, and tourist boards. Here are a few examples of the Lost Creator Academy email templates you’ll receive.

  • Photographers Hotel Collaboration
  • Hotel Collaboration Email Template (Last Minute Proposal)
  • Hotel Negotiation Template – Can be used for any business type (When a business asks for additional deliverables but we push back)
  • Hotel Collaboration Email Template  (Example 2)
  • Hotel Collaboration Email Template (Example 3 – IMPORTANT Collaborations)
  • Get Free Product (Someone contacting on your behalf)
  • Hotel Collaboration Email Template (Successfully used for “Most Luxurious UAE” video)
  • Hotel Contact Template (Template used for low to mid priority hotels)
  • Tourism Board Contact Template
  • Tourism Board Contact Template (Someone contacting on your behalf)
  • Small YouTube Account HOTEL/BUSINESS Collab Template

Freelance photo and video pricing calculator. If you’ve ever struggled to price yourself, this Excel calculator will help you figure out a range of what you should be charging.

Instagram and Youtube post/video pricing calculator. What you charge is based on your following, yes, but it’s also based on your engagement and your niche. This video and this accompanying template help you figure out what to charge.

Recommended equipment list. There are so many cameras, tripods, and gimbals to choose from, Christian lays out exactly what he uses.

Video editing resources and hotkeys. A guide to learning exactly how to edit your videos like a pro and what keys will help you work faster!

Short, medium, and long-term goals template. Figure out what your goals are, how to divide them up, and how to actually stick to your timeline.

Lost LeBlanc’s media kit. While this is not a template, it’s incredibly helpful to see exactly what a pro media kit looks like.

LCA Community

While you may initially think that the videos and downloads are the biggest resource of LCA (and they are an incredible resource) the importance of the community might even be more valuable!

Here are the platforms that currently host LCA chats:

  • Facebook
  • Discord
  • Clubhouse
  • Instagram
  • Whatsapp

The community is such an amazing resource, not just for professional networking opportunities but to also find travel buddies who also want to get up at sunrise to catch golden hour (a large group of people is currently planning on renting a house together when they move to Bali), collaborate with (we’re talking blog posts, Reels, TikToks, webinars, and more), and to find support. Having a community that understands that you can indeed make money as a creator is priceless, especially if your family and friends perhaps don’t understand what you’re doing.

Additionally, the Lost Creator Academy community is home to not just new content creators but pros with hundreds of thousands of followers who also share their skills in the frequent community events put on by the members themselves. These are all recorded so you can watch them any time.

Past events include:

  • Lightroom Tips and Accountability Partners
  • Tubebuddy/Youtube and How to Be a Weekend Warrior
  • Light Painting and How to Move to Bali
  • After Effects and Explosive Social Growth

Pros of Lost Creator Academy

For a quick overview of the pros of Lost Creator Academy:

  • Community
  • Collaborations
  • Meet ups
  • Clubhouse chats
  • Extra webinars run by the community members
  • Creator challenges (chances to win gear and get feedback from Christian himself)
  • Opportunities to request new content
  • Email & pricing templates
  • Frequent course updates including guest speakers
  • Student discount on Adobe Creative Cloud

Cons of Lost Creator Academy

That being said, nothing is perfect and there are a few chances for improvement in LCA.

  • There are no notifications when new content is added (the LCA team is currently in the process of moving the course to a different platform so this may change)
  • Comments within the course do not seem to be monitored (again, the team is currently updating the platform so this may change and it is made up for by the incredibly active Facebook group)

Conclusion: Is Lost Creator Academy Worth the High Price Tag?

If you’ve made it to this point of considering whether or not Lost LeBlanc’s Lost Creator Academy is worth it, you’re probably already taking your content creator journey pretty seriously and aren’t just looking for something to do this weekend.

LCA is so much more than just educational videos and downloadable resources. Lost Creator Academy is:

  • A community of likeminded individuals
  • A resource library with both creative and business assets
  • A direct line to some of the best creators in the industry

Because the course has lifetime access and is a one-time fee, if you’ve been thinking about it for a little while, I highly suggest investing! New content is being added every month (if not more frequently) so the price is almost guaranteed to rise. Invest today before the price increases.

So to wrap up this Lost Creator Academy review, yes, Lost Creator Academy is worth the price tag if you’re serious about making content creation your full-time job and lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you need a large following to succeed in LCA?

No. In fact, some of the largest brand deals that Lost Creator Academy has seen so far have been with creators who have less than 2000 or even 500 followers in one case, across all of their platforms. LCA teaches you to make the most of what you have and to start earning money while you grow.

How often is Lost Creator Academy updated?

There are no set dates for updates in Lost Creator Academy. New videos are added at least monthly (in my experience) but there are constantly other updates going on within the community, both by Christian and his team and by the community members. Recent additions include an unofficial Clubhouse room that always seems to be active, a Discord group with hundreds of sub-groups to find your niche (vegan and bloggers are two of my favorites).

Is Lost Creator Academy just for people who want to be YouTubers?

No. LCA is for all content creators. The resources aren’t specifically geared towards Youtube, but instead, focus on teaching creative and business strategies that will help you no matter what your business is.

Do I need to have the goal of being an influencer to join?

No. Your goal does not have to be an influencer to join. In fact, there are several members that have used the course to start up successful freelance businesses (myself included!).

Do I need to have a Facebook account to join LCA?

No, but you will lose out. You can join and access the content without having a Facebook account, but in my opinion, you will be missing out on an immense resource. It’s worth creating an account if for no other reason than to join the Facebook Community.

Is Lost LeBlanc’s course good for beginners?

Absolutely! As someone completely new to video but already advanced at photography, this creator course is fantastic. I skipped the basic Photoshop tutorials but have rewatched the Premiere Pro ones several times to learn the basics.

What tools do I need to be successful?

Within the course, you’ll get recommendations for tools, but to get started I highly recommend a good computer that’s large enough for editing and Adobe Creative Cloud (you can get the student discount as a course member).

Is it okay if I use Premiere Pro instead of Final Cut Pro?

Absolutely! This is what I use since I already subscribe to Creative Cloud and get Photoshop and Lightroom (the industry standard for photo editing) included.

Is Lost Creator Academy good for those more advanced in photography and videography?

Yes! Because the course is still relatively new (just over a year old in April 2021) the team stuck to covering the essentials for photography, videography, and business during the first year and are now working with other industry professionals to make more advanced tutorials.

Is LCA Good for Bloggers?

LCA is geared towards aspiring photographers and videographers looking to be full-time content creators and monetize their work. As of right now, there’s not any content specifically tailored to bloggers. If you’re looking for a blogger-specific community and course, check out Wanderful and read our full Wanderful review.

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