21 Apps for Travelling You NEED to Download in 2024

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If you’re anything like me, you probably have far too many apps (whether or not they’re apps for travelling) on your phone. 

Travelling only increases the desire to download app after app, whether for in-flight entertainment or to get directions offline. But how many travel blogging apps do you actually need?

We asked travel bloggers to recommend their favorite travel blogging apps. Keep reading to find out what they said!

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Rick Steves Audio Europe

Play Store or App Store

Price: Free to Download

Rick Steves has some great free tours on his app. There are a variety of different tours for cities all over Europe, from city walking tours to historical podcasts and much more.

I particularly recommend trying the city walking tours, particularly if you’re in Madrid, Edinburgh, or Paris. Just pop in your headphones and let Rick Steves guide you through the city, stopping to see many lesser-known sites along the way. You’ll also find some great options for museums and famous buildings in London. This is easily one of the best travel guide apps and best travel apps for Europe out there!

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Trusted House Sitters

Play Store or App Store

One of the most expensive parts of traveling is paying for accommodation. Hotels, Airbnb, and even hostel costs quickly add up and a week-long trip could easily cost upwards of several hundred dollars.

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House sitting is a great way to save money on accommodation. Typically, someone will be going away and will need someone to watch the house and feed the pets. They make a posting on a house sitting website for their dates and then you can apply for this. Trusted House SItters costs about $100/year for the basic membership but you can send unlimited messages and apply for as many sits all over the world as you want.

Browse house sits here!

Google Translate

Play Store or App Store

Price: Free to Download

While it may seem obvious, Google Translate is one of the best travel blogging apps that you absolutely must download if you’re traveling to a country where you don’t speak the language. When you download a language, you have the ability to use it whether or not you have internet or data, which can be incredibly valuable. You’ll be able to type and speak your language and have it translated into the language of choice.

Additionally, Google Translate has an amazing feature of allowing you to take a photo of something written in another language, like a menu for example, and translate it into your chosen language. Google Translate is one of the best apps for traveling available today.

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Play Store or App Store

Price: Free to Download

Have you ever tried counting on your fingers the number of countries, states, world wonders, or cities you’ve visited?

The Visited app is a must-have countries visit app that lets you keep track of all of these items and more. Plus, you can mark the places you want to visit and keep track of what percentage of your travel goal you’ve reached.

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Play Store or App Store

Price: Free to Download

Airbnb is easily one of the best apps for travelling. I myself used Airbnb for the first time last year when backpacking Europe, and found it an enjoyable experience that was often cheaper than hostels and didn’t require sharing a room.

Airbnb also allows people to put up their homes or a room in their home for rent. Prices vary from $10/night to over $100/night, dependent on location, quality, and amenities. You can truly find some great deals and Airbnb is especially nice if you want to get away from the hostel scene from time to time.

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Hostel World

Play Store or App Store

Price: Free to Download

Submitted by Shannon of Adventuring with Shannon. Find her on Facebook.

The Hostel World app is one of my all-time favorite apps for travelling because you can book and change reservations in a heartbeat. Hostel World is a website (now an app as well) that allows you to book hostels all over the world. It makes it easy and efficient to find cheap, but awesome, hostels anywhere you want to go. This awesome app is free and can save you money! Instead of booking expensive hotels because you need a last-minute place to stay, try Hostel World! It is definitely worth your while.

I just recently used it to book my hostels in Ecuador, and the app made it easy to change and cancel reservations or even expand my booking. Travel can be unpredictable; this app makes it easy to change plans last minute to fit what you need at the moment. As a bonus, they have a trusted rating system that tells you how clean the place is, whether or not it’s in a good location and many other helpful things that you will want to know as you plan.

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Play Store or App Store

Price: Free or Pro Version

Submitted by Gabriela of I am Foodie Traveler. Find her on Instagram.

FLUSH –  the easiest way to find a public bathroom or restroom. It’s a free app, no in-app purchases are required and it has almost 200 thousand toilets available. You can search within the app without an internet connection. Certain details such as disabled access or fee for usage are available when you select the nearest toilet available.

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Once you have selected the location, it will automatically go to maps to give you direction on how to get to the selected toilet. You can even add yourself a location if it’s not available on the app and it also has a Pro version. The Pro version has the functionality to remove ads. This is understandably one of the best apps for travelling!

Trip Advisor

Play Store or App Store

Price: Free to Download

Submitted by Sarah of Costa Rica Vibes. Find her on Facebook.

Are you obsessed with choosing the perfect restaurants while traveling? If you are a bit crazy like me and want to see the complete menu of a restaurant before going, detailed reviews, and pictures of all the food options; then you need the TripAdvisor app.

The restaurant section on the TripAdvisor app lets you filter restaurants by meal (breakfast, brunch, dessert, etc.), by food type (Indian, Italian, Chinese etc.) and by price (cheap eats, moderately priced, and fine dining). With all these detailed search features, other patrons’ reviews, and the pictures that users upload, you are guaranteed to find the perfect dining option.

Just be warned, it is easy to go down a TripAdvisor restaurant rabbit hole and spend way too long looking at all your food options!

Although the restaurant feature is my favorite part of TripAdvisor, there are tons of other amazing features as well. You can use TripAdvisor to book local tours, get advice from fellow travelers through the forum feature, discover all the best things to do in every area and to find great accommodation deals.


Play Store or App Store

Price: Free to Download

Submitted by Karllie of Yolo Solo Travel. Find her on Facebook.

Skyscanner is one of the ultimate apps for travelling for any traveler searching for the best flight deals.  It is free to download to both Apple and Android devices and extremely user-friendly.  As well as flights Skyscanner can also be used to find the best accommodation and car rental deals.

Features of the Skyscanner App include:

Search – You can do a plain old search or go with options such as ‘Plan Your Next Trip’ which allows you to pick a departing location and Skyscanner will recommend destinations for your dates. 

Explore – There are loads of choices to explore on this page from last-minute deals to deals by month.  As well as finding you the best flights Skyscanner will also recommend what you can do at destinations.

Trips –  You can load any flight you have booked into the app and keep track of it.  Really good if you often use a variety of airlines! When a trip is loaded you will also get recommended accommodation.

Profile – This section is great if you use the app a lot.  You can load your passport details and any loyalty programs you belong to.  Set your country and preferred currency to really personalize Skyscanner for your convenience.

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Play Store or App Store

Price: Free to Download

Hopper is a fantastic app to find affordable flights if you don’t mind traveling without checked luggage.

It can be hit or miss, but to give you an idea of how great prices can be, we once found a roundtrip flight from London to Chicago for $200 per person.



Play Store or App Store

Price: Free to Download

Submitted by Erika of Erika’s Travelventures. Find her on Instagram.

Booking.com is my go-to app for finding accommodation during travel, whether it’s for a backpacking trip, a couple’s trip, or last-minute accommodation. For most regions, this app has the most expansive database of places to stay, not just hostels or rentals like other travel blogging apps. Booking.com shows each accommodation’s overall rating, many pictures, many reviews, and availability for each type of room for your travel dates. I’ve found the rating for hostels and hotels to be pretty accurate – those rated highly on Booking are usually really nice places to stay. 

I also love all the filter options that are available, even on the mobile app. When traveling on a budget I can set how much I want to spend per night, and when I want to spend a little more I can filter by different room features including air conditioning, on-site breakfasts, and even private pools! Members also get perks from reserving rooms through their site, including discounts, later check-out times, and sometimes free breakfast or bicycle rentals. 

Booking.com also has a referral program that is popular among travelers, so if you exchange your code with people you meet, you can both get discounts! You need to sign up and make a booking before you can share your own link. The referral reward differs by region though, some codes get 10% off their stays (no minimum), others get $25 off a $50 minimum. 

Note: You can also add your own listing to make money while away from home.

Polar Steps

Play Store or App Store

Price: Free to Download

Submitted by Rachel of Round the World Rachel. Find her on Instagram.

I wish this app had been around 10 years ago. It tracks you in the background 24 hours a day, which sounds really creepy, but actually, it’s genius. Set your departure date and it immediately starts to map out your travels. Log in at any time to add a “stop” or upload images and add comments to each destination. At the end of your trip, you can send away for a photobook to be published containing all of your maps and details.

I love using it to zoom in on cities later to see exactly where I went. Forget the name of your favorite cafe in Istanbul? Just zoom in and cross-reference with google maps.

At any time I can look at the statistics. I’ve used the app for around 2 years now, and the overall statistics show that during that time, I have visited 39 countries, and traveled 309,531kms. Without this app, there is no way I could have known that!

If you’re looking for a travel blog app, look no further. Simply start your adventure, and refer to Polarsteps later to find out where you went!

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App Store

Price: Free to Download

Submitted by Sue of Sue Where? Why? What?. Find her on Pinterest.

I was introduced to Maps.me by a fellow traveller in Costa Rica who was raving about it. She gave me a demonstration of where she had been, using the map to pinpoint her favourite spots.

I now use Maps.me to check out locations, distances, show directions & take me there. It hasn’t let me down so far! I recognise that Google Maps does all of these & has worked brilliantly for me. Or, it did, until I lacked a signal & it couldn’t find me. I was driving alone in the Dominican Republic without any road signs. This wasn’t helpful!

With Maps.me you download the maps you need. This means they are always at hand whenever you need assistance. It has never failed to locate me. My favorite feature is the ability to position pins wherever you go. This saves the location on the map to revisit, recommend or just help jog your memory.  It even saved me when all else failed & we got lost hiking the Quilatoa Loop in Ecuador. Both sets of instructions didn’t make sense & Maps.me came to the rescue! Overall, I believe Maps.me is easily one of the top apps for travelling, & it’s FREE!

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Play Store or App Store

abillion Referral code: VoyagingHerbivore

Price: Free to Download and Use

Similar to Happy Cow, billion (previously abillionveg) is an app that lets you explore and review vegan dishes and products. The major difference and the absolute best part about abillion is that every review counts towards a donation to an animal rights organization.

For example, we reviewed 10 dishes and then chose an organization to donate to. The money doesn’t come out of our pocket but comes from the app revenue instead.

This is easily one of the best apps for travelling, particularly vegan and vegetarian travellers. Make sure to use the referral code VoyagingHerbivore so we can connect!

Happy Cow

Play Store or App Store

Price: $5.99 on iTunes; $3.99 on Google Play – Website is Free

Submitted by Nat of Nat Wanderlust. Find her on Instagram.

Happy Cow is a Vegan app that helps you find plant-based restaurants and cafes in over 180 countries around the world. There’s no other app as comprehensive as this one with over 100,000 listings and 483,000 reviews. Travelers can add in reviews of restaurants they’ve visited and photos of meals they’ve eaten which I do after each trip. 

There are also sections to help you find exactly what you’re looking for that include Vegan, Vegetarian, Veg-Options, Bakery, B&B, Ice Cream, Juice Bar and Food Truck. As well as being able to search for cuisines including Chinese, Indian, Western, Mexican and Italian. 

It’s perfect for all types of travelers, especially if you’re vegan or vegetarian, as it will assist you in finding healthy food wherever you travel. I use it on every trip and it’s helped me find vegan options in off the beaten path areas in Java and Borneo! It’s one of the best apps for traveling and I never travel without it. I recommend it to everyone. 

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The Dyrt

Play Store or App Store

Price: Free; Only available US

Submitted by Tara of Back Road Ramblers. Find her on Instagram.

The Dyrt camping app launched in 2018 and is currently the fastest-growing camping app out there. It makes use of user-generated reviews and photos to help people find campsites while traveling in the United States. You can use The Dyrt to search and share campsites to plan your next trip, and as of 2019, you can even book selected sites from within The Dyrt camping app. Use the map and filter function to find campgrounds near you, read thousands of reviews, and sort campgrounds by distance, top reviews, and most reviews. As a bonus, The Dyrt hosts several contests each summer, encouraging their audience to review campsites to earn sweet prizes each month. The best part? It’s totally free!

We use The Dyrt extensively when planning a road trip where we know we will be spending lots of time in campgrounds. We’ve also found lots of awesome campgrounds that we never would have known existed if not for The Dyrt. It’s a game-changer for outdoor lovers!

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Play Store or App Store

Price: Free to Download

Submitted by Amber of Food and Drink Destinations. Find her on Facebook.

Training across Europe is a great way to explore smaller cities not served by air transport. Booking train tickets, however, can be very frustrating. Not all national train service websites are in English and can be difficult to navigate. Paying with a credit card, especially for Americans, can be difficult. Thankfully, Trainline, which is available on both iTunes and Google Play, makes booking train travel easier. The app works for booking both train and bus service in 45 countries including the UK, Spain, and Italy. They charge a small convenience fee on each ticket, but it is worth it. For travelers organizing their trips at home, booking their tickets in advance will save them time.

Trainline issues an electronic ticket, which can save time at the station. For most countries, there is no need to find the ticket kiosk to print out your ticket. The app does allow for some last-minute changes to your ticket, but this is based on the country you are traveling in and the type of ticket you have purchased. In some cases, you can request a refund through the app. It’s important to know that the rules and pricing differ among countries, but overall it is a great app to use to plan train travel in Europe. Particularly because the interface is in English.

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Play Store or App Store

Price: Free and Premium version

Tripit is a fantastic way to keep track of all your travels in one place. It’s super easy to use and helps make our life easier every day. Once you’ve paid for part of your travel (E.G. hotel stay or flights etc) you just have to email the confirmation email to Tripit then assign it to the specific trip you are planning. Tripit will then make a clear day by day plan of your travels from start to finish. It will even point out if you are missing a flight between locations.

There is a premium version but we’ve found the free one intuitive and extremely helpful to keep all our info in one place. From confirmation number to timings it keeps track of it all. You can even send a link to your friends and family so that they may view your plans should they need to know your timings. Tripit truly is a must as it will streamline and really help remove the stress from your travels. It’s easily one of the best apps when travelling.

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Play Store or App Store

Price: Free

Peoople is a great app to find recommendations of all sorts. It’s like Pinterest in that you save your recommendations to different boards and you can follow people.

The key difference between Peoople and Pinterest is that you can earn money by making recommendations and interacting with others. So while it’s great to find different recommendations for travel photography gear and gastropubs in London, it can also help finance your travels!

As one of the best travel blogging apps, you definitely need to download it.



Play Store or App Store

Price: Free

Transferwise is a bank account that you can open in a variety of different currencies with low transfer and foreign transaction fees. So for example, I have a USD account, GBP, and EUR account but all are tied to me and can be used from the same debit card.

Let’s say that someone wants to pay me in Euros. I give them my transfer details and because I have an account set up in Euros they don’t have to pay the conversion fee. Now if I go to France, where Euros are used, I can use my debit card and I won’t have to pay any foreign transaction fees because euros are directly withdrawn from my Euro account. I can also withdraw from ATMs with few fees.

When I go back to the US, I can use the same debit card and instead dollars will be withdrawn from my USD account.

If you’re constantly in new countries with different currencies it really is a great solution. Even if you have a credit card with no foreign transaction fees, it’s good to have access to cash and a debit card. I definitely consider this one of the best apps for travelling.

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Play Store or App Store

Price: Free

If you don’t already have WhatsApp downloaded, it’s time to get on board! Whatsapp is basically iMessage for all phones. You can text, call, video chat, and of course send photos and videos.

WhatsApp works by creating a unique number that is the same as your standard phone number. It’s a wifi-based service so you’ll keep the same number even if you change sim cards.

WhatsApp is quickly taking over the world and is used for communication purposes by a variety of companies including many airline customer service sites making it one of the essential apps for travel bloggers.

BYO – Your Travel Network

Play Store or App Store

BYO is a new sort of travel social network and experience booking system. You can actually earn money on it when you download it through our website.

You can search for your next activity and with money you earn through the app, you can spend on different activities.

From dolphin watching and skiing to camping and quad biking, this is a great new app that offers a lot of different chances for new types of travel activies.

More Travel Hacks

Now that you know the top travel apps, why not see what other recommendations travel bloggers had. Check them out below!

There are so many travel blogging apps out there, so don’t forget apps for productivity!

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