Blogger Equipment: 13 Essential Tools in Our Camera Bag

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GoPro, DSLR, mirrorless, action cam, camera bag, tripod, drone? Do you really need all of these for travel photography?

There are hundreds if not thousands of brands and tech options to choose from, and it’s often incredibly overwhelming!

If you’re a blogger, keep reading to learn about essential blogger equipment and the tools that we always have in our camera bag.

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In a rush? Find our full gear list on Amazon.

All of the travel photography gear listed below fits into one camera bag. We’re all about budget travel which means that we have to lug our gear around while hiking, city trekking, riding public transportation, and squeezing into tiny airplanes. We rarely check luggage!

Additionally, all of the prices listed below are new. We almost never purchase new products. Not only is it cheaper, refurbished and reused products are better for the environment!

Generally Useful Travel Items

  • Snacks – We love Cliff Bars and Lara Bars as opposed to unhealthy airport food but we would love to start making our own to take with us in reusable bags – link to your favorite vegan protein bar recipes below!
  • Stain stick – For obvious reasons. I swear these things are magical.
  • Chapstick – I can’t go anywhere without it!
  • Collapsible Water Bottle – I’ve raved about these in other posts. They’re perfect for travel!
  • Dramamine – The ultimate nausea medicine!

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Ready to Improve Your Travel Photography?

Now that you have a better idea of products to invest in, keep learning! Check out the posts below to improve your travel photography or explore the rest of the site to find your next destination.

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