5 BEST Selfie Drones [Budget Friendly]

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Sure, a selfie on your phone at a waterfall looks cool, but imagine just how amazing it would look with a drone instead!

In this guide we’ll review the 5 BEST selfie drones that just happen to be budget-friendly, too.

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Winner: DJI Mavic Mini 2

Price: Check Price

A newer and vastly more affordable drone, The Mavic Mini 2 has around 30-minutes of battery life and even more impressively, weighs under 250g. This means it is exempt from most drone licensing laws.

However, this drone can still capture fantastic footage despite its smaller size. Although it’s one of the more expensive of the best selfie drones, it’s incredibly high quality, has the most features, and is built to last.

All this adds up to make the DJI Mavic Mini 2 quite an attractive package.

If you’re thinking about investing in the DJI Mavic Mini micro drone for photography and videography purposes, this is the one!


  • Light Weight (249g)
  • Battery life
  • Size


  • Camera quality
  • Fewer builtin complex shots then competitors

Where to Purchase

SANROCK U52 Selfie Drone

Price: Check Price

The Sanrock U52 selfie drone is an affordable little beast that’s perfect for your entry into the drone world. Compact, filled with features and great value for your money. This little beast is fantastic with its small collapsible size, to its 1080 capability.

Speaking of newbies – if this is the first time entering the world of drones then we genuinely don’t think you can go wrong with this baby as you enter the drone world.

Learn More: Check out our Youtube channel to see how we use drones with our vlogs!


  • Compact
  • Afforable


  • No 4k video
  • Not great in wind
  • Tends to drift

The Parrot Anafi

Price: Check Price

The Parrot Anafi is by far the most affordable option on our list but it can still keep up with the big guns in terms of features.

However, it is more cheaply made and doesn’t have obstacle avoidance sensors.

Those new to drone videography and photography might want to get practice in before taking this out somewhere less open.

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  • Unique gimble
  • Decent battery
  • Fairly quiet


  • No obstacle avoidance sensors
  • Cheaper plastic

SYMA X500Pro Drone

Price: Check Price

When it comes to the best selfie drones, the SYMA X500Pro is a fantastic option. This midrange drone isn’t the cheapest, but with battery flight times of 25 minutes each, 4k video, and a brushless motor feature for quieter flights, the SYMA X500Pro is a great option.

Because the SYMA X500Pro does not have a gimbal, it’s best used for photographs only or days without wind.


  • Great midrange drone at affordable price
  • Brushless motor makes flight quieter


  • Batteries only last 25 minutes
  • No gimbal so really only a good drone for photos


Price: Check Price

Last but certainly not least on our guide to the best selfie drones is the HASAKEE drone. This little beast packs a punch with its features, including VR capabilities, quiet flight, smell size, and decent camera. However, it does lack a gimbal which makes it difficult to use for videography. Photos though should still look pretty darn good!


  • Brushless motors for quiet flights
  • Very affordable
  • VR capabilities
  • Green and red lights make it easy to determine front and back of the drone during flight


  • 21 to 25 minute flight times with batteries
  • No case
  • Reported difficulties connecting phone to drone wirelessly
  • No gimbal

Ready to Improve Your Drone Videography and Photography?

The first step is to invest! They’re not cheap, but if you’re aiming to get serious about travel blogging, it might be time to purchase a device so you can start learning all about drone videography and photography.

A few quick tips for saving money when purchasing electronics:

Purchase used items. We love Swappa, Adorama, and Amazon. Go Pro also sometimes has refurbished products on their site. Not only are used and refurbished electronics cheaper, but they’re also better for the environment (scroll to the bottom to learn about electronic waste)!

Research when sites usually have sales. We once missed a sale on Wandrd and emailed to ask when the next one was. They gave us a discount code to get the sale price. You never know unless you ask!

If you’re looking to invest in some other gear, you’ll want to check out these posts:

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