Club Life Design Review: The Power of Instagram – REALLY Worth $300?

With each over 1,000,000 Instagram followers, @mariefeandjakesnow and @explorerssaurus_ have gained the envy and respect of people around the world – all wondering how they created such incredible dream lifestyles.

In 2020 and 2021, the two travel couples worked together to create Club Life Design, an online learning community where they provided courses in mobile photo and video editing and in creating your dream life through Instagram, with their course The Power of Instagram and their Mobile Editing Masterclass.

Keep reading for the full Club Life Design review to discover if these courses are really worth the money.

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What is Club Life Design?

Club Life Design is a series of courses created by @mariefeandjakesnow and @explorerssaurus_ to provide their followers with insights into how they designed their ideal lives filled with travel and beautiful places through social media. So far they have two courses available, The Power of Instagram Course and the Mobile Editing Masterclass, both of which have limited availability and are only open for enrollment for 72 hours every couple of months.

The courses have been featured in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, CNN, Fox News, Business Insider, and Daily Mail.

All courses have materials and video subtitles available in German, English, and Portuguese. You can learn more about CLD on their website.

Free Resources

Club Life Design (CLD) Courses

Mobile Editing Masterclass

The original CLD course is the Mobile Editing Masterclass, where students can learn to use only their phones to create beautiful photos and videos with mostly free apps.

Modules include:

  • What Makes a Good Video
  • Speed Up and Slow Down
  • Timelapses and Hyperlapses
  • Titles. andText
  • Let’s Make a Movie
  • Add Some Movement To Your Photos
  • Creative Video Transitions on Mobile
  • Add Music To Your Video
  • Color Grade Your Video Content
  • Smart Exposure
  • Video Inside a Photo
  • Clone Yourself
  • Tiktoks/Reels
  • Viral Video Analysis

But results speak better than a well-designed landing page! Check out what their students have created here and scroll down to the “Take a look at what our students have created” section.


The Power of Instagram Course Review

The second and newer course by Club Life Design is The Power of Instagram course. This course consists of 8 modules with over 80 videos (all modules, videos, and a review are outlined in the chart below) with the goal of teaching businesses and aspiring creators to harness the power of Instagram to monetize their business and grow their community.

In the screenshot below you can see what the backend (where you find the modules and downloads) looks like.

What’s Included in the Power of Instagram Course

In this section of our Club Life Design review, you’ll find an overview of everything included with The Power of Instagram course. Unlike other courses where the material is constantly added to different sections, because this creator course is meant to be done in the order it’s presented, any additional material is added to the end and other sections shouldn’t change. As of September 7, 2021, this course list is fully up to date.

The Power of Instagram (TPI) ModuleTPI LessonsTPI Bonus Material/HomeworkReview
Module 1 – Welcome– Chapter 1: Welcome to the Power of IG
– Chapter 2: Meet Your Instructors
– Chapter 3: How Do I Get the Most Out of This Course
Lightroom Presets (Over 200 presets from Marie and Jake and Raquel and Miguel)
Easy intro into how to use the course and everything that comes with it.
Module 2 – It’s All in the Mind– Chapter 1: Why is the Ultimate Version of Yourself so Important?
– Chapter 2: How do I set the Right Goals?
– Chapter 3: How Do I Get Into the Right Mindset
– Wheel of Life Worksheet
– Ultimate Self Version Worksheet
– How to Set Smart Goals Worksheet
– Break Your Limiting Belief Worksheet
Although this might not feel like it will help you with your Instagram account, this is actually a great place to start positioning yourself to think like a business owner
Module 3 – Setting Your Foundation and Planning Ahead– Chapter 1: Introduction
– Chapter 2: How Do I Find My Niche
– Chapter 3: How Do I Find the Perfect Audience For Me?
– Chapter 4: Why Should I Analyze My Favorite Accounts?
– Chapter 5: What is Your WHY?
– Chapter 6: How Do I Set Up My IG Account Properly
– Chapter 7: How Do I Choose My Handle
– Chapter 8: Creating a Powerful Bio
– Chapter 9: Do I Need To Do More Than Instagram?
– Chapter 10: The Importance of Building an Email List
– Find Your Niche Worksheet
– Your Target Audience Worksheet
– Analyze Your Competitors Worksheet
– Best Instagram Accounts
– Your Insta Why Worksheet
– Instagram Step by Step Guide
– Bio Checklist
– Pinterest Guide
If you’re new to the business side of Instagram, this is a great module for really diving into the business set up side and definitely shouldn’t be skipped!
Module 4.1 – Content for Instagram 101– Chapter 1: Types of Instagram Content
– Chapter 2: What is More Important: Quantity or Quality
– Chapter 3: Where Do I Look for Inspo?
– Chapter 4: What Is the Best Content Strategy for Me?
– Chapter 5: How Do I Create Viral Content?
– Chapter 6: 14 Things You Should NOT Do on IG
– Chapter 7: How to Create More Content More Efficiently
– Chapter 8: How Do I Keep My Feed Aesthetic
– Chapter 9: How Do I Rock My IG Stories
– Chapter 10: How Do I Write Powerful Captions
– Chapter 11: What Makes a Great Reel
– Social Media Size Guide
– Finding Inspiration
– Post Ideas
– Content Ideas
– Holiday Calendar
– Content Ideas
– Best Free Resources
– Aesthetic Insta Feed
– Feed Style Themes
– Highlight Cover Worksheet
– Gif Ideas
– Best Instagram Story Filters
– Caption Writing
– 365 Caption Ideas
– Reels Ideas and Tips
– Budget Filming Tips
This is where we really start getting into the nitty-gritty of Instagram but I think that this section is so valuable for businesses and content creators as a whole. The post ideas, captions, and content strategy among others can be applied to all social media platforms.
Module 4.2 – Content Planning, Gear, Settings, Lighting & Editing– Chapter 12: What Gear Do We Use and What Do you Need
– Chapter 13: Getting to Know Your Camera
– Chapter 14: What If I Don’t Have a Photographer to Take My Photos
– Chapter 15: How to Work With Light
– Chapter 16: What Composition Rules Do I Need to Keep in Mind
– Chapter 17: How Do I Use Lightroom ( Gradient Filters, Tone Curve, Presets)
– Chapter 18: How Do I master the Basics in Photoshop?
– Chapter 18.2 – How to Remove People and Objects
– Chapter 18.3 – Replacing Skies
– Chapter 18.4 – Beautifying Secrets
– Chapter 18.5 – Adding Elements to Your Images
– Chapter 19 – Best Editing Apps for Your Phone
– Equipment Guide
– Photography Quiz
– Photography Cheat Sheets
– Composition Techniques
Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts
Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts
For a course about Instagram, it’s amazing to see the amount of detail that the CLD have gone into when it comes to photo editing. If you’ve been working with Lightroom and Photoshop you’ll probably breeze through this section and if you’re looking for more advanced photo and video content creation teaching I would recommend the Lost Creator Academy. However, if you’re completely new or have been using the basic editing features, this section will really help you to up your game.
Module 5 – It’s All About Posing– Chapter 1: Introduction to Posing
– Chapter 2: How Do I feel More Confident in Front of the Camera?
– Chapter 3: Posting Guidelines
– Chapter 4: Planning For Your Shoots
– Chapter 5: How Do I Position My Legs and Feet
– Chapter 6: How do I Position my Hands and arms
– Chapter 7: How Do I Pose My Face
– Chapter 8: Full Posing Examples
– Chapter 9: Posing for Different Body Shapes
– Chapter 10: Posing for Couples
– Chapter 11: Advanced Posing
– Chapter 12: Making the Most of Props
– Chapter 13: Posing for Men
– Chapter 14: Outro
– Posing Guide
– Photoshoot Checklist
– The Best Styles for Your Type
Posing is one of the major barriers that all of us seem to have when it comes to posting photos of ourselves. We don’t like how we look or what to do with our bodies and all 14 chapters of this section are helpful in reminding that posing is an art and it takes practice.
Module 6 – It’s Time to Grow Your Community– Chapter 1: Introduction
– Chapter 2: How Does the IG Algorithm Work?
– Chapter 3: Growth Strategy No. 1 – Getting Featured
– Chapter 4: Growth Strategy No. 2 – Collaborations
– Chapter 5: Growth Strategy No. 3 – The Explore Page
– Chapter 6: Growth Strategy No. 4 – Hashtags
– Chapter 7: Analyzing Your Numbers
– Chapter 8: Growth Hacks: Why You Shouldn’t Take Shortcuts
– Chapter 9: Why Am I Not Growing?
– Chapter 10: How Do I Deal With Negative Feedback?
– Chapter 11: Our Personal High Engagement Formula
– Chapter 12: Our Personal Growth Formula
– High Engagement Checklist
– Social Media Planner
– Growth Formula
– Why Are You Not Growing
– Social Media Demographics
– Social Media Checklist
– Giveaway Guide
– Insta Hacks
– The Best Hashtags
– Insights and Engagement
The CLD Power of Instagram modules are meant to be done in order, and I think it says a lot that they waited until Module 6 to release the Instagram (and general community really) growth section. This section dives into many of the issues that content creators face and provides actionable steps to help fix problems.
Module 7 – Earning Money With Instagram– Chapter 1: Can I Make Money With Instagram?
– Chapter 2: What Are the Different Types of Influencer Collaborations
– Chapter 3: What is a Media Kit & a Press Kit and How to Create Your Own
– Chapter 4: Pitching to Potential Partners
– Chapter 5: How Much Should I Charge For My Work?
– Chapter 6: Negotiating Your Deals
– Chapter 7: Step by Step Collaboration Guide
– Chapter 8: Do I Need a Management?
– Chapter 9: How Do I Make Money with Digital Products?
– Chapter 10: How Do I Make Money Selling Physical Products
– Chapter 11: How to Overcome the Fear of Selling
– Chapter 12: Human Psychology in Sales
– Chapter 13: Other Ways to Make Money Using Social Media
– Chapter 14: Our Instagram Journey and a Possible Timeline for You
– Canva Step by Step Guide
– Press Kit Guide
– Media Kit Guide
– Pitching eBook
– Email Signature
– Know Your Worth
– Find Your Perfect Collab Partner
– Top Influencer Marketing Agencies
– Top Influencer Marketing Platforms
– Digital Products
– Ebook Guide
– Shopify Guide
This is the section that most of you are probably most intrigued in and why you found this Club Life Design review. I think this module is so incredibly beneficial because it’s useful for so many people. It’s not enough to have a large Instagram following and this section takes you through a variety of ways to create different income streams, create connections with brand, and monetize your community.
Module 8 – Bonus Chapters– Course OutroN/AA nice way to say goodbye! When you’re done with the course, you can request an official certificate of completion from the Club Life Design team and add it to your LinkedIn, website, or wherever!
Outro– Chapter 1: 6 Instagram HacksN/A

Who is the CLD Power of Instagram Course For

Club Life Design’s Power of Instagram course initially seems to be designed for those looking to grow and monetize their Instagram accounts, as the name would suggest. However, I actually think that the course could benefit from a rebrand and be advertised more as a business development course with a focus on Instagram and photography.

At the end of the day, The Power of Instagram creator course truly does provide valuable insights and actionable steps to grow and monetize your Instagram account, but what I think is even more valuable are the business and marketing insights that are included in this process.

If you’re a business owner looking to harness the power of social media or a creator looking to monetize and grow your accounts, this is a fantastic course!

This CLD course focuses more so on the business side, with a bit of info on the creative side. However, if you’re hoping to improve your creative skills in photography and videography, I highly recommend the Lost Creator Academy instead or in addition to the Power of Instagram.

Pros of the CLD Power of Instagram Course

  • An official certificate of completion when finished
  • Lifetime access to the Facebook community where you can ask questions and connect with likeminded people
  • Chances to win one on one sessions with @mariefeandjakesnow and @explorerssaurus_
  • Every post in the Facebook group gets a response from the CLD team
  • Provides actionable steps to start and grow a business and an Instagram account
  • Live sessions with the CLD fam
  • Students get priority for future retreats in Bali (no discounts mentioned though)

Cons of the CLD Power of Instagram Course

  • Once you’re done that’s it and there is no guarantee of new material being added
  • Not for you if you’re looking to really improve your photography and videography
  • Would love to see more behind the scenes and in action shots as opposed to just two people talking to the camera with overlays
  • No discounts on new Club Life Design courses for existing members
  • Little focus on blogging and driving Instagram traffic to websites – if you’re a blogger, check out Wanderful

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  • Hi Alysa,
    Thank you for your blog and reviews about courses and products. What the final opinion about this course as I am thinking to join? Is it worth 300$?

    • Hi Vesta! Thank you for your comment and I’m sorry it wasn’t clear. I think that this course is great in terms of helping you achieve a business mindset and grow with a like-minded community of people. It can help you begin to implement a strategy that, with time and consistency, will help you become a successful business owner or creator on Instagram. Don’t expect overnight results but if you implement the strategies that they teach, I actually do think this is a great course with resources that can be transferred to other socials as well. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions. 🙂