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  • 27 MUST-Try Vegan Restaurants in Edinburgh
    You might not expect a city with only 537,000 people (2020) to have some of the best vegan scenes in the world.Say hello to Edinburgh! The incredible capital of Scotland is home to an endless number of vegan restaurants, so keep reading to discover the best vegan restaurants in Edinburgh and beyond!Currency: Pound, contactless payment (With
  • 21 Vegan London Restaurants and Eats You NEED to Try
    Fish and chips, sausage rolls, pie and mash – and that’s just the first course! In the past couple of years, London has become one of the best cities in the world for vegetarians and vegans alike. There are so many vegan London restaurants that it can be overwhelming to try and narrow down all
  • 12 INCREDIBLE Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in the Lake District
    Mango stuffed falafel, crumbly gingerbread, and the ultimate salad – all to be found in England’s surprisingly vegan-friendly Lake District restaurants! Keep reading to discover the Lake District’s best vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants and cafes! The Pheasant Inn We’ve eaten at the Pheasant Inn in the Lake District quite a few times because it’s actually
  • London’s Best Street Food: 12 OUTSTANDING Vegan Food Stands
    London is already one of the most exciting cities in the world with its signature double decker busses, telephone booths, and royal family drama, but what’s even better is its incredible range of vegan options! In this guide, we’ll dive into London’s best street food – vegan edition! Let’s dive in! Where to Find London’s
  • Vegan in Catania, Sicily: 4 Outstanding Restaurants
    Can you say that you’ve been to Italy if you didn’t get to try a (vegan) cannoli? Just because you’re vegan (which is awesome by the way), doesn’t mean you have to miss out on Italian delicacies. Despite being a fairly small town, Catania is a surprisingly amazing place to find some traditional Italian food,
  • 7 Outstanding Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Salzburg
    Salzburg’s vegan scene might not have quite as many options as London or Paris, but nevertheless Salzburg’s vegan Looking for a quick guide to vegan restaurants in Salzburg? Look no further! Salzburg is an absolutely stunning city and certainly deserves a place on your Europe itinerary. Keep reading to discover the best restaurants in Salzburg
  • 13 Vegan Restaurants in Chicago, IL You NEED to Visit
    Looking for a quick guide to vegan options in Chicago? Look no further! As one of the most vegan and vegetarian friendly cities in the world, these vegan restaurants in Chicago, IL should be at the top of your bucketlist. Keep reading to discover your next favorite restaurant! If you’re just looking for the one
  • Ultimate Guide to the Best Vegan Cheese in London
    “Ew. Vegan cheese.” I’ve heard it. You’ve heard. And yet despite the general consensus that vegan cheese is disgusting, I still gained a tremendous amount of weight during the summer where I worked in London for a vegan cheese company. Now how can that be? London is home to some of the best vegan cheeses
  • 3 EPIC Vegan Afternoon Tea Experiences in London | Budget – Luxury
    A “must-do” experience when in London is a (vegan) afternoon tea. There is is no shortage in London with options and price ranges for everyone, vegans, vegetarians, and those who are gluten-free, alike! Our “High Tea in London for Vegans, Vegetarians, and Gluten-Free” will look at: Posh and Pricy – The Egerton House Hotel Upfront
  • 8 MUST Try Vegan Restaurants in Paris
    Veganism is thriving. So much so, that a country whose cuisine of cheese and meats is a UNESCO intangible world heritage site, now offers a wide variety of vegan options. But which ones are worth trying? From vegan fromageries to traditional creperies, we’ve narrowed it down to several must-try vegan restaurants, cafes, and shops in
  • 9 AMAZING Vegan Restaurants in Manchester
    Whether you’re on the hunt for something as unhealthy as deep-fried pickles or you’re looking for a light muffin in an art gallery, Manchester’s vegan scene has it all! This vegan guide to Manchester will help you navigate the many amazing restaurants to find some of your new favorite vegan eats. In this Vegan Guide
  • Vegan and Vegetarian Guide to China
    Hello my fellow vegans and veggies! Whether you’re just considering a trip to China, or you’ve booked the plane tickets and are just looking up some last minute tips, this quick overview of vegan tips and restaurants in China is the perfect resource. Be sure to check out my China Itineraries while you’re here! Two-Week