Vegan Edinburgh & Beyond: 27 AMAZING Restaurants You NEED to Try

You might not expect a city with only 537,000 people (2020) to have some of the best vegan scenes in the world.

Say hello to Edinburgh!

The incredible capital of Scotland is home to an endless number of vegan restaurants, so keep reading to discover the best of vegan Edinburgh and beyond!

Currency: Pound, contactless payment (With your phone or a contactless card) is the norm but cash is generally accepted)
Language: English
Price Range: $$
Best Way to Get Around Edinburgh: Walking or public transport
Timeline: 2 to 3 full days to explore Edinburgh’s sites; at least 10 days for a Scotland road trip

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Vegan Edinburgh Restaurants

Easily one of the most photogenic cities in the United Kingdom, Edinburgh is not a place to be missed as you travel the United Kingdom. The vegan options are incredible, with everything from amazing vegan Thai food to vegan haggis, so you can try the local dishes too.

Black Rabbit

If you’re looking for delicious and innovative baked goods, massive breakfast sandwiches, and fridges full of vegan cheeses and sweets, look no further than Black Rabbit in Edinburgh.

You absolutely need to try their cruffins (similar to a cronut but a muffin instead of a donut), both savory and sweet, and make sure to get your hands on one of their breakfast sandwiches. We opted for the egg and haggis with brown sauce and WOW was it fantastic and giant. Not only are they delicious, but the sandwiches and in general most products are decently priced.

Price Range: $$
Setting: Grab and go bakery
Food Quality: 10/10 Absolutely delicious. So sad not to have discovered it sooner!

Address: 33 Brougham St, Edinburgh EH3 9JT

Face Plant Foods

For a great vegan comfort food look no further than Face Plant Foods. Located in Leith, Face Plant Foods is a bit out of the way from central Edinburgh but it’s a great stop if you’re in the area. While the vegan mac and cheese can’t compete with those found on the vegan London scene, the sandwiches are innovative and absolutely delicious!

Price Range: $$
Setting: Currently just takeaway window
Food Quality: 8/10 – classic comfort food flavors but I probably wouldn’t go out of my way for the food

Address: 37 Duke St, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 8HH

Innus and Gunn Taproom

Ever since discovering that Innus and Gunn beers are not only delicious but are also vegan and brewed in Scotland, they’ve been a favorite of ours. The Innus and Gunn taproom in Edinburgh offers a wide range of delicious vegan options from burgers to fried pickles and desserts. If you’re a beer lover, we recommend The Original beer with whatever delicious vegan meal you’re having!

Price Range: $$
Setting: Casual sit down
Food Quality: 10/10 (Fried pickles are very hard to do right but these were full of flavor, weren’t dry, and came with a perfect amount of dipping sauce!)

Address: 81-83 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, EH3 9AW

Considerit Donuts

A fully vegan donut shop with unique sweet and savory flavors, and with the option to get your donut stuffed with ice cream!? Considerit Donuts is clearly a must-visit on your vegan Edinburgh itinerary. Be prepared to wait in line, because the rest of the vegan community in Edinburgh loves this little shop too, but it’s well worth the wait.

Featured below is the vegan white chocolate and honeycomb donut. It deserved a full photoshoot.

Price Range: $$ (About 3 pounds for a donut)
Setting: Grab and go
Food Quality: 10/10

Address: 3, 5A Sciennes, Newington, Edinburgh EH9 1NH

Beetroot Sauvage

Beetroot Sauvage is an incredible gem in Edinburgh. It’s a bit further out, but well worth the trip because the restaurant is very spacious, with unique outdoor seating, a massive garden area, and even outdoor pizza ovens.

For £21 we got mac and cheese, a large haggis roll, a Cesar salad, brie, and a scone with jam and butter. It was more than enough for two people and absolutely delicious!

Price Range: $$
Food Quality
: 7/10 (we had all comfort food but I would have loved to see a little more flavor)

Address: 33-41 Ratcliffe Terrace, Edinburgh EH9 1SX

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These masala fries will change your life.

I’ll say more, although the fries should be enough to convince you.

Sabzi is easily the best vegan Indian food, and probably some of the best food in general, that I’ve ever had. Must haves include the mango lassi, masala fries, and chloe bhature although all dishes are absolutely fantastic. I can’t wait to head back for round two!

Price Range: $
Casual and lively
Food Quality
: 10/10

Address: 162 Ferry RoadEdinburghEH6 4NX

Sora Lella: Vegan Roman Food

Delicious pasta and loaded pizza might seem like a vegan staple that you’ve had many times before, but Sora Lella takes it to the next level! Run by a vegan Roman family, the restaurant is completely vegan and the servings large! The dishes are done well and are simple in a way that other vegan restaurants seem to have missed. We don’t always want a burger loaded with 10 different ingredients. No, sometimes a simple truffle pasta dish with broccoli cream sauce hits the spot. Sora Lella is one of the best vegan restaurants in Edinburgh and should not be missed!

Price Range: $$$
Setting: Ordered via Just Eat
Food Quality: 9/10 (strong flavors but I thought the truffle pasta could have been a touch lighter – but it’s also a large serving which is nice!)

Address: 13A Brougham St. Edinburgh EH3 9JS


The Baked Potato Shop

An absolute must-visit if you’re in Edinburgh! The little shop is completely vegetarian with plenty of vegan options (including vegan butter). I highly recommend the fruity coleslaw, and if you’re looking for an easy breakfast, grab a potato with baked beans and reheat it in the morning.

Price Range: $$
Setting: Grab and go (only one small table)
Food Quality: 6/10 (nothing fancy but delicious)

Address: 56 Cockburn St, Edinburgh EH1 1PB, United Kingdom

Stuck at home? Make your own vegan jacket potato!

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Meze Meze

Mediterranean food lovers unite! Hummus, babaganoush, artichoke salad, stuffed vine leaves, and more are about to grace your table at Meze Meze.

Located just off of Prince’s Street, this lovely cafe is the perfect place to spend an afternoon eating and drinking as you enjoy the sun. My only complaint is that they need to update their email as the special advertised in it is not available. Additionally, despite the size of the table, they seem to bring one large piece of pita and it’s £2 for another piece (so overpriced!).

Price Range: $$
Setting: Casual
Food Quality: 8/10 (Pita was so so)
Service Quality: 8/10 (service was automatically added, food was delivered fast but it took ages to get my change)

Address: 71 Rose St, Edinburgh EH2 2NH

Kalpna: Vegan and Vegetarian Indian Food

If you’re a curry lover, Kalpna is the place for you! This vegetarian restaurant in Edinburgh features vegan and vegetarian dishes (although there could be a few more vegan options) and if you’re not sure what the try, I recommend the vegan tasting platter. At nearly 17 pounds per person, it doesn’t come cheap, but it is a treat. Plant to sit for a while because service is slow. Check before ordering if it’s cash only as we were only told that after we had finished eating. All in all, the food was delicious but I would like to see better service.

Price Range: $$
Setting: Standard Indian restaurant style; love their gorgeous tables!
Food Quality: 9/10
Service Quality: 5/10

Address: 2-3 St Patrick Sq Edinburgh – EH8 9EZ

David Bann

As vegetarians and vegans, we don’t often find high-end restaurants that cater to just us! David Bann is easily one of the best vegetarian restaurants that I’ve been to in the UK and it’s certainly one that’s worth visiting. The best part is, for a nice night out, it’s relatively affordable. You can get a three-course meal for £22 per person and the food genuinely is delicious – their menu doesn’t do it justice!

Price Range: $$
Setting: Intimate
Food Quality: 10/10
Service Quality: 10/10 very attentive*

Address: 56-58 St Mary’s St, Edinburgh EH1 1SX

*Not only were the servers fantastic, but we got a call a few days later that someone had tested positive for Covid-19 while we were there. They left a message and called again the next day to make sure that we had received it. The person I was speaking to genuinely sounded so relieved to hear that we both tested negative.


Incredible beer on tap, vegan options galore, and mountains of fries – waht more could. youask for?

Brewdog has branched out from beer and is winning Edinburgh’s vegan scene with its many vegan options, including these delicious wings (the sharing platter) from the Temple of Seitan, one of many incredible vegan restaurants in London.

Be sure to book a table at the Brewdog on Lothian Road as the other options do not have as much food or as many vegan options.

Price Range: $$
Setting: Casual
Food Quality: 10/10 (The sharing platter was a great size for two people and so so tasty!)
Service Quality: 10/10

Civerinos Slice

Need a quick pizza fix during your Edinburgh adventures? Civerinos has a few locations around the city and several fantastic vegan options with pizza and vegan meatballs. The slice I’m holding in the photo is one slice (basically half a pizza!) so you do get your money’s worth!

The pizza crust leaves a little something to be desired and I would love to see a little more color on it, but overall for four pounds a slice I can’t complain.

Price Range: $
Setting: Casual grab and go
Food Quality: 7/10
Service Quality: 9/10 (Not very fast but they were busy)

Alandas Gelato

Alandas Gelato is located in North Berwick, which is definitely a journey from central Edinburgh. However, you can often find Alandas Gelato at street food events and they usually have a few vegan options. Although they do have the typical vegan sorbets (because vegans only eat fruit – read with heavy sarcasm) they also have a creamy vegan biscoff which is just incredible. Unfortunately, the waffle cones aren’t vegan, but if enough of us ask, maybe they’ll make that change!

Price Range: $$
Setting: Street food cart
Food Quality: 9/10 (The Biscoff Icecream was delicious, but I would have loved to see some crunchy Biscoff cookie bits)

Address: 1 Quality St, North Berwick

Viva La Vegan

Hidden next to Edinburgh Castle above the Edinburgh Woolen Mill, is a little vegan cafe (delivery only at the moment), called Viva La Vegan. Sarah of My Veggie Travels and I were invited to try their new menu, and boy were we impressed! With generous servings, amazing flavors, and incredibly kind service, it’s somewhere I look forward to returning to! The hotdogs were easily the star of the show (note that the hotdog featured here at the top right of the photo, is only half of the serving that you actually get) but the pesto vegan was a close second. Note that the pizzas pictured here are smaller than what you receive in an actual order.

Order Viva La Vegan on Deliveroo!

Price Range: $$
Setting: Delivery only at the moment
Food Quality: 10/10 (Although take this with a grain of salt – we shot the food for about an hour so we did have to reheat it – but still delicious!)
Service Quality: 10/10 (We were hosted but service quality may differ when ordering due to delivery apps)

Paradise Palms

If you’re looking for a bit of unhealthy goodness, look no further than Paradise Palms. The vegetarian restaurant has almost all vegan options with several types of loaded fries, burgers, and sausages. When you order takeaway, your food comes with postcards, a sticker, and a piece of poetry! The servers are lovely and very chatty, sharing other great vegan Edinburgh spots! Paradise Palms is easily one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Edinburgh!

Price Range: $$
Setting: Lively
Food Quality: 7/10 (Not for lack of deliciousness but it’s quite heavy in a good way!)
Service Quality: 10/10

Address: 41 Lothian Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1HB

Snax Cafe

If you’re looking for a quick and filling breakfast before you discover many of the amazing things to do in Edinburgh, head to the Snax Cafe, located near the Meadows, where you can get a full English and a massive cup of tea for about seven pounds. While the food is nothing special, if you’re out on the go, it’s hard to complain about a hearty meal with Linda sausages, baked beans, hashbrowns, toast, tomatoes, and mushrooms.

Price Range: $
Setting: Very casual diner
Food Quality: 6/10
Service Quality: 7/10 (It was busy and the waitress seemed very stressed but was quite abrupt with patrons)

Address: 118 Buccleuch St, Newington, Edinburgh EH8 9NQ

Sugar Daddy’s

Whatever your dietary restrictions are, there is something for you at Sugar Daddy’s! This lovely little bakery has absolutely scrumptious cakes, cookies, tray bakes, donuts, bread, salads, and more. Sugar Daddy’s in Edinburgh is also situated in the lovely area of Marchmont, so it’s perfect to grab a treat and stroll!

A bit slow to serve but they seemed busy in the back so no complaints here!

Price Range: $$
Setting: Grab go goodness!
Food Quality: 10/10
Service Quality 9/10

Address: 8 Roseneath St, Marchmont Cres, Edinburgh EH9 1JH, United Kingdom

Holy Cow

For homemade vegan deliciousness that’s not just fried food, you absolutely need to visit Edinburgh’s Holy Cow. Although the dessert was a little less sugary that my absolutely massive sugar tooth likes, the mains were outstanding! I truly cannot recommend this lovely cafe.

Be sure to try the lox, made from perfectly marinated carrot on a bed of lettuce, homemade cream cheese, and lovely chunky bread. The chips are also incredible!

Price Range: $$
Setting: Cozy cafe
Food Quality: 9/10 (just because I like more sugar in desserts :P)
Service Quality: 10/10

Address: 34 Elder St, Edinburgh EH1 3DX


You can’t visit the UK and not have fish and chips! Thankfully, there are plenty of great vegan options to try. # FISH is not exclusively vegan, but they do offer a range of vegan fish and chips and vegan doner wraps to choose from. Next time I’ll order extra tartar sauce!

Price Range: $$
Setting: N/A ordered via Uber Eats
Food Quality: 7/10 – Nothing fancy but hits the spot when you’re craving something a bit unhealthy
Service Quality: N/A ordered via Uber Eats

Address: 98 Marchmont Rd, Edinburgh EH9 1HR

Seeds For the Soul

Healthy CAN be delicious and Seeds for the Soul, a completely vegan restaurant in Edinburgh proves it! Their Asian salad bowl is filling and tasty and the vegan bacon is a real win – although I would love to see a little more added! Overall, Seeds For the Soul is a homerun and is the perfect choice if you’ve spent the week feasting on Edinburgh’s delicious vegan junk food.

Price Range: $$
Setting: N/A Ordered for Delivery
Food Quality: 10/10
Service Quality: N/A Ordered for Delivery

Address: 167 Bruntsfield Pl, Edinburgh EH10 4DG

Mana Poke

If you’re looking for some takeout that’s both healthy and delicious, Mana Poke is the way to go. While they don’t have a sit-in restaurant, you can order for delivery or pickup, and you can sometimes find them at street food events. Mana Poke is not fully vegan, but they do have a dedicated vegan bowl and with the build your own option it makes it easy to get your favorite vegan ingredients into one bowl.

Price Range: $$
Setting: Delivery or Pickup Only (find them on Deliveroo)
Food Quality: 8/10 (slightly oversalted – as for light sauce)
Service Quality: N/A

Biff’s Vegan Burgers & Wingz

Although many might think veganism means salads and avocado, Biff’s Vegan Burgers & Wingz is here to prove otherwise! While the junk food doesn’t come cheap, the loaded and creative burgers and the wings with an edible bone inside are FANTASTIC! If you’re looking for an indulgent junk food night, this is the place to go.

Price Range: $$$ (for burgers and wings)
Setting: Delivery only (find them on Deliveroo)
Food Quality: 10/10
Service Quality: N/A delivery only – burgers are carefully packaged to ensure quality delivery

Mama’s American Pizza

Price Range: $$
Setting: Sit down restaurant/bar
Food Quality: 5/10

Address: 28 – 30 Grassmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2JU

Located in Grassmarket, a very touristy area, I was happy to see that Mama’s had a few vegan options. I opted for the vegan chicken sandwich and was pleased with the variety of sauces that came with it, however at 11 pounds for a bun, lettuce, fries, and a chicken patty, I know they made a killing off of me! I would love to see some tomatoes, mayo, onions, etc. on this burger. With the incredible variety of vegan options in Edinburgh, there’s definitely room for improvement in order to beat the competition but if you are in a pinch and out with friends, Mama’s is a place that most people will find something to like.

Vegan Inverness Restaurants

If you’re planning a trip around Scotland, odds are that you’re planning on stopping in Inverness to see the Culloden battlefield, which is well worth a visit.

You won’t find too many vegan options in Inverness when compared with vegan Edinburgh, but nevertheless, one restaurant takes the (vegan) cake!


This cozy little café is a must-visit with some delicious comfort food vegan options. While it’s nothing fancy, it’s a little off the beaten track and with plenty of sunlight, it’s easy to spend an afternoon there sipping tea and munching on homemade bread.

Price Range: $
Setting: Cozy cafe vibes
Food Quality: Delicious, healthy, fresh

Address: 105 Church Street, Inverness IV1 1EY

Looking for more vegan options near you? Check out the abillion app (formerly the abillionveg app) and use the referral code VOYAGINGHERBIVORE. We love it because every review you write contributes to a donation to an animal rights organization.

Vegan Isle of Skye Restaurants

The Isle of Skye is a stunning island off the north of Scotland. This a must-visit on any Scotland road trip or the perfect place to visit on a Scotland bus tour

The Isles Inn

A pub in the center of Portree on the Isle of Skye, you’re assured to find at least two or three delicious vegan comfort food options. Despite being in such a small town, The Isles Inn has worked hard to create accessible options, and if you’re in Portree it’s a great place to grab a meal and a drink.

Price Range: $
Setting: Local feel
Food Quality: Decent comfort food

Address: Somerled Square, Portree IV51 9EH

Cafe Arriba

While there are not as many vegan options available as other locations, if you’re in a pinch you can find a nice mezze platter here and a good cup of tea.

Price Range: $$
Setting: Vibrant cafe
Food Quality: Decent

Address: Quay Brae, Portree IV51 9DB

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